Are You Getting the Most From Your Law Firm’s Twitter Account?


Does your law firm have a Twitter account? Many do, however some are not taking advantage of the many marketing opportunities Twitter can offer. I found this informative and very practical article on about hashtags and how your law firm can benefit from using them. The article gives a brief overview on the hashtag (#) and how it is used. Author Stephanie Buck gives five great tips to improve your brand’s hashtag strategy.


1. Seek Business-Specific Conversation

2. Keep it Simple and Consistent

3. Create Your Own Hashtag

4. Organize Social Dashboards by Hashtag

5. Take Advantage of Follow Friday #FF


To read the full article and the details tips, click here


Tina Burns
Vice President



Maryland High Court to Consider Revising Rules for Assessing Fault

320px-Flag_of_Maryland.svgThe Washington Post reports that as an assistant soccer coach named James Coleman of Howard County, Maryland, was doing warm-ups and “jumped up to hang from the metal crossbar, the unanchored goal tipped over, crushing the 20-year-old’s face.” Following this incident, Coleman “sued the soccer club in Howard County that he claims was responsible for the goal, and that suit reached Maryland’s highest court on Monday in a case that has far-reaching implications for the state’s consumers and businesses.” As the Post notes, “the Court of Appeals in Annapolis will decide whether to ditch the state’s long-standing all-or-nothing approach to assessing fault in civil lawsuits, which opponents consider harsh and outdated.”


The law in Maryland states that if the defense can show that the plaintiff was even partially at fault for their injuries, that the plaintiff cannot be compensated for their injuries. 46 other states have seen fit to do away with this type of draconian measure, and take into account the relative fault of all parties in determining whether, and how much, to award to a plaintiff.


Not surprisingly, “powerful interest, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Insurance Association and the American Medical Association, have lined up on the other side to urge the court to leave such a major policy decision in the hands of Maryland lawmakers.”  Paul A. Tiburzi, an attorney employed by DLA Piper and representing the Maryland Chamber of Commerce stated that a decision by the court to change the rules would be “terrible for employers” and cause “years of chaos and litigation, confusion and needless expense.”


Or maybe, Mr. Tiburzi, it would grant individuals access to the courts and provide proper and equitable redress to injured parties, but I doubt seriously that is his, or his client’s goal.


The full article can be read here.


Paul Myers

Chief Credit Officer


Tips on the Interview Process with Prospective Clients


Copyright: <a href=''> / 123RF Stock Photo</a>I recently stumbled upon an article by Trey Ryder. The article shares 17 steps on how to interview prospective clients; essentially, turning the prospect into a client. During the interview process shift your focus to the client’s problems and your credibility for success as an attorney. Here are a few steps Mr. Ryder suggests:



1)   Give your prospect your undivided attention.
2)   Build rapport with your prospect.
3)   Put yourself in your prospect’s position.
4)   Identify the result your prospect wants.
5)   Educate your prospect about the seriousness of his problem.
6)   Answer common questions before your prospects ask them.
7)   Emphasize the reasons your prospects should hire you.


To read the full list and more detail regarding each step, click here.


Mr. Ryder is a lawyer marketing advisor; specializing in Educational Based Marketing for lawyers.


Tina Burns

Vice President


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Advocate Capital, Inc. Colleague Lisa Maki presented at CAALA Annual Convention


Lisa L. Maki, President-Elect for the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA) presented to the annual convention in the Advanced Trial Skills session  on the topic “Punitive Damages: Phase One and Getting to Phase Two” on Saturday, September 8.


The CAALA Annual Convention is the largest convention of trial attorneys in the nation. It features three and half days of educational sessions presented by the nation’s most accomplished trial lawyers, jurists and legal consultants.


The Law Offices of Lisa L. Maki is a nationally recognized litigation firm with Los Angeles employment attorneys focused on offering confidential legal guidance and dedicated representation in plaintiff, complex business and personal injury litigation, employment law, class action, wage and hour, discrimination and harassment, and unfair business practices claims.


Great job, Lisa and we are looking forward to supporting your upcoming presidency for this very prestigious group of trial lawyers.


Donna A. Jones

Vice President, Operations


Juan Icaza Settles Case with Defendant Arguing “No Liability”


Juan L. Icaza, of the New Jersey firm Icaza & Burgess, recently settled this workers compensation case against Crystal International Corporation on behalf of their client, Juan Gutierrez for $700,000.  Mr. Gutierrez, a glazer, was injured when a crate of plate glass he was opening tipped over on him causing fractures of his left tibia and fibula, a fracture to his ankle joint, and a shoulder/rotator cuff injury.  The tibia fractures required open reduction, bone graft and bone growth stimulator.  The plaintiff also underwent arthroscopic shoulder repair.


The Defendant alleged that the crate had been placed properly and that the plaintiff, as an experienced glazer, would not have opened the crate if it was unstable.  Accordingly, the Defendant argued that since OSHA issued no summons to Defendant that Defendant was not liable for the accident.


Mr. Icaza and his firm handle a wide variety of personal injury cases.  To further assist injured citizens seeking justice, Mr. Icaza is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese.  For information on the firm’s many successful verdicts and/or settlements, click here.


Thanks again to Juan Icaza and the Law Offices of Icaza & Burgess for persevering to protect the rights of all citizens.


Donna A. Jones

Vice President, Operations


Content Marketing Tips


Copyright: <a href=''> / 123RF Stock Photo</a>To an attorney who is busy running a law firm and winning cases, content marketing can be overlooked or confusing. Whether you have marketing personnel or you manage your own marketing, here are some useful tips for small business from Top Rank Online Marketing blogger Lee Odden:



  • Content is content
  • If you’re not creating content on the web, you don’t exist.
  • Content silver bullets don’t exist.
  • Embrace that you’re a publisher.
  • Get your house in order.


Mr. Odden shares 12 more tips, to read the full list and their detail, click here.


Tina Burns

Vice President


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Safeguarding Tax Records


In light of the current hurricane season, the IRS recently published some tips on safeguarding your tax records.  Although not all of us are directly affected by hurricanes, other natural disasters can occur in any part of the country, therefore making these tips relevant for all of us.  Click here to read the IRS’ article to insure you are protecting your tax records.


Kelly A. O’Leary, CPA, CGMA, MBA, CITP

Director of Finance and Administration


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