Advocate Capital, Inc. Offers Free Month Promotion for New Public Justice Foundation Members


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Advocate Capital, Inc. announced they will pay the first month dues for individuals who sign up for monthly Public Justice Foundation memberships with the “White Sox” team prior to the 2015 Public Justice ‘Super Thursday’ Phonathon.



‘Super Thursday’ will take place on Thursday, April 9th in Chicago, Illinois with two teams trying to acquire the most new and renewed memberships. The “White Sox” team, led by Advocate’s President and CEO Michael J. Swanson and Attorney Dan Bryson, are utilizing the remaining time prior to the Phonathon to sign up as many members with this promotion and outperform the other phonathon team, the “Cubs.”


“At Advocate Capital, we believe in the important work done by plaintiff’s lawyers in their communities and by Public Justice nationwide.  It is our privilege to donate some of our time and resources to help increase the membership for Public Justice.” said Swanson.


Advocate Capital Inc. 2015 Public Justice Foundation PhonathonPublic Justice members receive full access to a monthly Speaker Series – educational webinars designed to help them advance their practices, while earning CLE credits.  Upcoming topics include using social media to enhance a law firm and representing whistleblowers in qui tam cases.  Members can also access past educational sessions in the “Members Only” section of the Public Justice website.  For more information on the Speaker Series, click here


“Plus it’s so much fun – our members have told me that they’ve met some of their best friends through our organization.” said Maggie Barr, Public Justice’s Membership Manager.


To receive your free month, call Advocate Capital, Inc. toll free at 877-894-9724 or send an email to including a phone number and preferred times to be contacted. A credit card and preferred monthly membership level information are required at time of renewal.


The Public Justice Foundation is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable membership organization that supports Public Justice’s cutting-edge litigation and educates the public about the critical issues it addresses. Our membership includes leading trial lawyers, appellate lawyers, consumer advocates, environmental attorneys, employment lawyers, civil rights attorneys, class action specialists, law professors, law students, public interest advocates, and other people who care about justice. For more information about the Public Justice Foundation, visit


Advocate Capital, Inc. is the premier provider of strategic financial products and accounting services for successful trial law firms nationwide. They serve the plaintiff bar from their headquarters in Nashville, Tenn. and now enjoy a client base that extends nationwide. For more information, visit


Laszlo Kovacs Pays It Forward


Pay it Forward Laszlo Kovacs and Michelle RigsbyA few weeks after being the recipient of Advocate Capital’s Pay It Forward Award, Laszlo Kovacs paid it forward by recognizing another of our fabulous associates.  He had a difficult time determining who to transfer the award to, given the excellent team we have.  But in the end, he “Paid It Forward” to one of our Quality Assurance Analysts, Michelle Rigsby.


Michelle has been not only a great associate, always diligent, and processing many Quality Assurance Reviews, but she has also been a great resource to Laszlo.


Many thanks to both Laszlo and Michelle for their untiring commitment to our clients, and to their teammates at Advocate Capital.


Two Heroes Emerge in Texas Legislature


Today we welcome guest blogger James E. Girards.  Jim is the owner and founder of the Girards Law Firm.  Learn about his passion for helping the citizens of Texas in this blog.


Donna A. Jones

Senior Vice President



Advocate Capital, Inc. client James GirardsTwo heroes have emerged in the Texas Legislature this session and they need your help. Here’s the backstory: As many of you who read this blog know, the laws that affect property owners in Texas are awful when it comes to protecting your land from large corporations or anyone else who wants to take it to run a pipeline or electrical wires or anything else through it. This firm has been fighting against a multibillion-dollar Canadian oil conglomerate to protect a Collin County, Texas landowner’s rights in this kind of situation. The only thing a foreign corporation has to do to take your land is to file a one-page form in Austin and then they are blessed with the right of eminent domain – and then they also own the system that determines how much they will pay for taking it from you. It’s the only time you can be dragged into court without even the slightest allegation of wrongdoing – and then be forced to give up or pay a lot of money in lawyer’s fees and case expenses for the privilege. Most people simply give up – and the huge corporations who do this count on that.


That can all change with a bill filed by State Senator Lois Kolkhorst from Brenham TX and Rep. Pat Fallon of Little Elm TX. These two heroes have taken on the multi-billion dollar interests that own this system and have called them out in order to protect Texas landowners. And, they need your help to do it because it isn’t easy to fight a system like this. The bills they filed [Senate Bill 474 and House Bill 3065] will make the oil companies and multinationals pay the property owners’ attorney fees if they don’t pay you a fair price for taking your land. It’s that simple to restore fairness in this system. And, my contacts on the “other side” tell me the multinationals are scared to death of these bills and will stop at nothing to kill them – unless you help. Now, you might think I am overstating their fear of these bills. But, believe me, they pay pennies on the dollar for the property they take from landowners because most cannot afford to fight them. If they are forced to “play fairly and pay fairly” they will have to rethink the entire system they have owned for decades. That’s where you come in. A good bill dies when no one pays attention. And good legislators don’t spend valuable political capital on even the best bill if no one cares enough to support them with phone calls, letters, and emails that they can use in negotiations with other state legislators. When the tangible evidence of popular support is there, they can push hard and get good bills passed. So, here is what you can do: 1) read the bill by clicking here. 2) Call both Senator Kolkhorst and Rep. Fallon’s offices and tell the person who answers the phone that you are calling in support of SB474 and HB3065 and urge them to pass them, and 3) call your own state senator and state representative and tell them the same thing. If you don’t know who represents you in Austin then click here to find out. Tell them to support Texas landowners and make the huge corporations who take our land to “Play Fairly and Pay Fairly.” Here is the contact info for Sen. Kolkhorst and Rep. Fallon:


Sen. Lois Kolkhorst [SB 474]
P.O. Box 12068
Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711


Rep. Pat Fallon [HB 3065]
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768
(512) 463-0694


Photo Credit: © Greg Folkins Photography

Free Workshops on How to Manage a More Successful Law Firm


Advocate Capital Inc. client John FisherA great way to learn helpful tips of the industry is by attending seminars and workshops. In the months of March and April, John Fisher of John H. Fisher, P.C. invites you to attend two events covering the topics of internet marketing and understanding the mind of a juror.


The workshops will be held in White Plains, Manhattan and Long Island between March 24th and April 8th. All of the events are free and include a complimentary dinner.


For more information, and to register for these two events, follow the links below:


The Jury Project


How to get Your Law Firm’s Website on the First Page of Google


You can also register by calling 845-802-0047 or emailing Corina Skidmore at


Tina Burns

Vice President


Women in Politics Event to be Hosted by Pamela Y. Price


Attorney Pamela Y. PricePamela Y. Price, a leader in the Oakland legal community, is sponsoring this important event, “Women in Politics: A Conversation About Us.”


The event will take place on Thursday, March 26 from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at 126 Broadway at 3rd Street, Jack London Square in Oakland, CA. Please RSVP to Cheryl Moore by texting or calling 510-612-5890.


For more information on the great work Pamela Y. Price is doing in her community, visit her website.


Tina Burns

Vice President


Sally Morin Law Success with Settlement 10 Times the Initial Offer


Advocate Capital, Inc. client Sally MorinCongratulations to San Francisco bicycle accident attorney Sally Morin of Sally Morin Law Firm for securing a settlement of $70,000 for her client due to an electric bicycle accident.


While riding his electric bicycle to work in San Francisco, a 36-year old cinematographer was suddenly hit by a vehicle making an illegal left turn. The outcome of this accident resulted in a broken thumb and surgery for the motorist. It was also necessary for him to undergo three months of occupational therapy, leaving him unable to perform his work obligations. The driver’s insurance carrier offered him $7,000 to settle the claim, but that would not have even covered his medical bills. After teaming up with Morin, she was able to fight the insurance company with him and secure a settlement that would cover his medical expenses and compensate his loss of income.


Congratulations to Sally Morin for going the extra mile to help her clients! We are honored to have her as one of our clients.


Tina Burns

Vice President


Capretz & Team Secure Changes to Proposed NFL Concussion Settlement


Advocate Capital Inc. Client James Capretz teamAdvocate Capital, Inc. friend and client James T. Capretz, of Capretz & Associates, in representing former NFL quarterback Preston Jones and others similarly situated, successfully argued to a federal judge to issue a ruling that the proposed NFL concussion settlement should incorporate changes including credit for seasons played in the NFL Europe league.


According to an article featured in a recent Los Angeles Daily Journal article by Don J. DeBenedictis:


Under the original NFL settlement plan, veterans of the World League of American Football and is successors, the NFL Europe League and the NFL Europe League, were counted within the plaintiffs’ class – but they would receive no credit for season played in Europe in calculating their benefits.


James Capretz became aware of the exclusion when retired NFL and NFL Europe league player, Preston Jones, requested Capretz review the proposed concussion settlement agreement. He discussed the settlement with other attorneys and found the exclusion to be not fair or reasonable. Jim stated, “I decided there was a basic wrong here, and no one could explain why.” Capretz and his colleague, Don K. Ledgard focused on the European League exclusion in their objection to the settlement and their persistence paid off. The Judge recommended changes to the settlement that should include credit for the Europe league seasons, should cover more deceased players, remove a funding cap on certain medical testing, and provide a hardship waiver for the appeal fee.


The NFL payout with the proposed new additions could range from $765 million to almost $1 billion.


Capretz & Associates  has a diverse portfolio of cases specializing in mass tort and class action litigation. The firm is located in Newport Beach, CA representing clients throughout the US. Advocate Capital, Inc. is proud to collaborate with trial lawyers like Capretz & Associates as they seek justice for clients and work to insure that our civil justice system serves everyone.


Donna A. Jones

Senior Vice President


Michael J. Swanson Interviewed by’s Larry Bodine


Larry Bodine, Editor in Chief of, interviews Advocate Capital, Inc.’s President and CEO Michael J. Swanson about how plaintiff lawyers can finance the expenses of a case.



During the interview, they discuss how case expense financing works, what makes Advocate Capital, Inc. different and Mr. Swanson’s book, How David Beats Goliath: Access to Capital for Contingent-Fee Law Firms.


(Read the full interview article on


Tina Burns

Vice President


Advocate Capital, Inc. Offers Free Month Promotion for New Public Justice Foundation Members


Advocate Capital Inc. 2015 Public Justice Foundation PhonathonI have the pleasure of being a team co-captain for the Public Justice Phonathon. Dan Bryson and I are heading up the “White Sox” team to overtake the “Cubs” in the acquirement of new and renewed members for the Public Justice Foundation. The Phonathon will be held in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday, April 9th, but we are using the time beforehand to sign up as many members as possible.


Advocate Capital, Inc. has pledged that for every new or renewed monthly member that signs up with the White Sox team between now and April 10th, we will pay that member’s first month’s dues. We whole-heartedly believe in the work that plaintiff lawyers do for their communities, and in the work done by Public Justice Foundation.


To receive your first free month, call our offices toll free at 877-894-9724 or send an email to with your phone number and the best time to call you. Please have your credit card ready, and let us know if you would like to join at the $250, $100, $50 or $25 per month level.


For more information on the Public Justice Foundation, and all of the wonderful work that they do, click here.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Michael J. Swanson

President and Chief Executive Officer.


1st Advocate Capital, Inc. St. Paddy’s Celebration


Advocate Capital, Inc. St. Patrick's Day party winnersOn Tuesday, March 17, the Advocate Capital, Inc. team enjoyed our first ever St. Patrick’s Day celebration. A good time was had by all and the luck of the Irish was with us!


We started the celebration with everyone creating their Irish name. Our attendees included folks like Sprinkles McWhiskey, Clover McDoodle, Stumpy McWoozy, and Warty McKnob.


We then enjoyed traditional Irish fare with corned beef and cabbage, fish ‘n’ chips, and chicken o’tenders (from O’Charley’s, of course!).  Under two of the luncheon plates were lucky Irish shamrocks.  The winners of the secret shamrocks were Michelle Simms and Billie Hardison who received Starbuck’s gift cards.


A rousing game of Irish trivia had everyone thinking about the Emerald Isle. Our winner and expert Irish trivialist was Tiffany Orth.


We ended our Irish festivity with a traditional Irish toast that we share with all:


May your pockets be heavy

Your heart be light

And may good luck pursue you

Each morning and night.


Please visit our photo albums on Facebook and Google+ and feel free to tag any of the Advocate Capital, Inc. team you recognize.


Donna A. Jones

Senior Vice President


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