Todd Jackson Pays It Forward


Todd Jackson and Debbie Ivey Pay It ForwardA few weeks after being the recipient of Advocate Capital’s Pay It Forward Award, Todd Jackson paid it forward by recognizing another of our fabulous associates.


He had a difficult time determining who to transfer the award to, given the excellent team we have.  But in the end, he “paid it forward” to our longest-tenured employee and excellent Accounting Specialist, Debbie Ivey.



Debbie has been not only a great associate, always diligent and always doing what’s best for our clients, but she has also been a great resource to Todd.


Many thanks to both Todd and Debbie for their untiring commitment to our clients and to their teammates at Advocate Capital.



CAALA Annual Las Vegas Convention


Caala Vegas 2015 Advocate Capital Inc. booth 237

Will you be attending the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles’ Annual Las Vegas Convention at the Wynn Las Vegas on September 3-6?


Donna Jones and Lynne Cushing will be representing Advocate Capital, Inc. at booth #237 throughout the convention. Stop by and discover how our case expense funding product can help you get even better results for your clients.


CAALA Vegas Convention is “the largest convention of trial attorneys in the nation.” This convention, hosted at the Wynn Las Vegas, features networking events, over 100 exhibitors and education sessions presented by top trial lawyers, jurists and legal consultants from across the country. Attendees can earn up to 20 hours of MCLE in just one weekend in Vegas!


Don’t forget to visit our booth and enter our raffle for a chance to win a Bose® SoundLink® Mini!


We hope to see you there.


Tina Burns

Vice President


CyberSAFE – Protecting Your Organization from Online Risks


Bryan L. Smith, CPA, CITP, CISA, co-founder of CPA Crossings, LLCWe’ve all been faced with security issues related to the technology devices and the various platforms we utilize in our day-to-day business and personal activities. If you or a designated member of your organization would  like to learn more about the latest techniques to ensure you and your organization are utilizing the best tools and methods for safeguarding the organization’s data, this four (4) hour online live webinar may be just what you’re looking for.



CPA CrossingBryan L. Smith, CPA, CITP, CISA, co-founder of CPA Crossings, LLC, who partners with the North Carolina Association of CPA’s (NCACPA) and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), will be hosting a live online webinar, CyberSAFE – Securing Your Data & Devices in an Online World. At the completion of the four hour webinar, participants will have an opportunity to take a 20 question, online assessment toward earning the Certified CyberSAFE credential, helping to ensure end-users in your organization are equipped with the tools and information to properly safeguard the organization’s data.


The online live webinar provides 4 hours of CPE credit for CPA’s under the Computer Science field of study. Check with your local State Bar Association to determine if it will also qualify for CLE.


Advocate Capital, Inc. clients are eligible for a special 20% discount off the registration price. Contact your Account Manager for the discount code.


Click here for the full listing of available times and for additional details about the webinar.


Lisa Wagner

Senior Vice-President, Client Services


QuickBooks® Online vs. Desktop Versions – Things to Consider


Photo Credit: alexmillosMore and more consumers are enjoying the convenience and benefits of anytime, anywhere access to critical information. Instant access to information has become the norm and almost a necessity. What’s more important than accessing your Firm’s financial data anytime, anywhere?


Many law firms utilize QuickBooks® as an accounting solution and QuickBooks® Online has been available for many years. However, some firms are reluctant to transition from the traditional desktop version to the online version because of the lack of knowledge about the benefits of the online version and just how simple the conversion can be.


A few of the basic advantages of QuickBooks® Online vs. the Desktop solution include:


  1. Anytime access wherever internet connections are available.
  2. Increased productivity with automatically downloaded transactions from financial institutions & automatically categorized transactions.
  3. Apps available for smartphones and tablets.
  4. Easy 3 step conversion from Desktop to Online Version


Click here to see a comparison of features available in QuickBooks® Online vs. QuickBooks® Desktop versions and to view short video demonstrations. As with the Desktop solutions, there are several online versions available to meet individual firm needs. Click here to view a feature comparison chart for the various QuickBooks® Online versions.


Complimentary QuickBooks® support is available as an added value benefit to Advocate Capital, Inc. clients. For more information, contact your Advocate Capital, Inc. Account Manager or via email at


QB ProAdvisorLisa Wagner

Senior Vice President, Client Services


Photo Credit: alexmillos

California Court Upholds Consumer Arbitration Clause


Copyright : Ganna TodicaIn 2011, I blogged in this space about the US Supreme Court ruling in the AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion case, in which the court upheld the arbitration clause in AT&T’s customer agreement requiring the consumer to waive his or her right to take part in a class action.


Unfortunately for consumers, but not surprisingly, the trend continues.


Recently, the California Supreme Court reversed a lower court’s ruling that threw out an arbitration clause, citing the AT&T v. Concepcion SCOTUS ruling.


Gil Sanchez had purchased a Mercedes Benz automobile from Valencia Holding Company. The sales contract included an arbitration clause requiring that all claims and disputes be handled in arbitration, and not in court. The car began having troubles, and Mr. Sanchez brought suit against Valencia, accusing it of violating state consumer-protection laws in connection with its representations about the car’s condition, as well as disputes over certain fees and disclosures. Valencia cited the sales agreement and moved to compel arbitration. Sanchez argued that that the arbitration clause was unenforceable based on California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act, which forbids contracts from forcing consumers to give up their rights to bring class actions. Sanchez pointed out that the sales contract read that if the arbitration clause was unenforceable, the entire contract was unenforceable. Therefore, Sanchez argued, the entire sales contract was unenforceable.


The trial court and the appeals court ruled in favor of Sanchez. The appeals court said the clause was “unconscionable” as it was unfairly one-sided in Valencia’s favor.


Valencia appealed, and unfortunately, the California Supreme Court reversed the lower court’s ruling, stating that whether an arbitration clause is unconscionable is “highly dependent on context.”


Writing for the majority, Justice Goodwin Liu stated,”Commerce depends on the enforceability, in most instances, of a duly executed written contract. A party cannot avoid a contractual obligation merely by complaining that the deal, in retrospect, was unfair or a bad bargain.”


The full California Supreme Court Opinion can be read here.


Photo Credit: Ganna Todica

Celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day Today!


In August of 1988, President Ronald Reagan initiated National Senior Citizen’s Day to be observed every year on August 21.


Copyright : Cathy Yeulet


We should all make time in our busy schedules today to appreciate and thank someone from America’s “greatest generation” for their hard work, sacrifice and the legacy they have provided us all.


Let’s all make the extra effort today to honor our seniors.  Sometimes the smallest things are the most appreciated – – – help load or unload the groceries, cut the grass, clean house, run an errand.  It takes a small amount of time and effort but it makes a HUGE difference in the life of a senior citizen.


SENIORS – everyone here at Advocate Capital, Inc. salutes you today!


Donna A. Jones

Senior Vice President


Photo Credit: Cathy Yeulet

CLE Presentation Tips


Copyright : Mohamad Razi Bin HusinPublic speaking can be stressful, even if you are used to being in front of large crowds (like a crowded courtroom). Like that courtroom appearance, preparation is the key to success. The same holds true in delivering a CLE presentation.


In a recent article on  author Mike Vraa takes up the topic and offers some very good advice for those of you slated to educate your peers during an upcoming continuing education event. You can read the full article here, but here are some highlights you might find useful:


  1. Pick an interesting topic! Unique topics will draw the most attendees especially if you position it in an enticing way.
  2. Preparation is the key to your success! From handing in materials in a timely manner, simple and thorough content, to the presentation slideshow and visual aid delivery.
  3. Prepare your body! Get enough sleep, eat right, wearing something familiar all seem like little things, but they will add up and leave your audience with a great impression


I hope you find the article as informative as I did, and I also hope these presentation best practices will be useful for you in the courtroom as well.


Jeff Glueck

Vice President – Business Development


Photo Credit: Mohamad Razi Bin Husin

The Carlson Law Firm Secures $1 Million Settlement for Car Accident Victim


Advocate Capital Inc client The Carlson Law Firm Julie PeschelCongratulations to The Carlson Law Firm and Attorney Julie Peschel on obtaining a $1 million settlement for her client, a 57 year old husband and father of two children. The victim’s vehicle crashed into a trailer hauling lumber when the defendant driver having apparently missed his turn was in the process of attempting an unsafe U-turn. The Plaintiff doing nothing wrong, rounded a corner crashing into the unexpected trailer blocking the road in mid U-turn.


Heavy rescue equipment was necessary to free the Plaintiff from the vehicle who was then air lifted for immediate medical attention.


The victim’s extensive injuries including profuse bleeding, multiple lacerations, injuries to multiple parts of the body and a collapsed lung, required nearly a month long hospitalization and subsequent painful physical therapy in a rehabilitation center.


Attorney Julie Peschel of The Carlson Law Firm was able to secure a $1 million settlement on behalf of the victim that will help ensure the best possible chance for recovery. Ms. Peschel commented,


Unfortunately, we cannot erase what happened to our client in the collision or even put our client back to the way they used to be before the collision, but we can help provide for him and his family.


Thanks to The Carlson Law Firm and other trial lawyers for helping those who are injured get the best possible chance for recovery.


Lisa Wagner

Senior Vice President, Client Services


H. Gavin Long Holds Allstate Accountable with $3M Verdict for Traumatic Brain Injury Victim


Advocate Capital Inc client Bisnar Chase H Gavin LongAfter three long years of tirelessly pursing justice, Bisnar|Chase Personal Injury Attorneys’ H. Gavin Long was finally able to secure justice on behalf of a Good Samaritan who suffered a traumatic brain injury while trying to save others. The Plaintiff was struck by a reckless driver while trying to direct traffic away from his friend who was trying desperately to rescue a dog who had just been struck by a vehicle on a busy street. Allstate, the defendant insurance carrier, avoiding accountability, blamed the Plaintiff and offered only $100,000 for the traumatic brain injury victim. Bisnar|Chase Personal Injury Attorneys’ Gavin Long said absolutely not. Obtaining just reward and recovery on behalf of catastrophic injury clients is critically important to ensure that the injury victim has the best possible chance for recovery. The jury spoke, awarding the Good Samaritan $3,000,000.


What a difference having a personal injury law firm like Bisnar|Chase Personal Injury Attorneys made for this traumatic brain injury victim. Congratulations to this Good Samaritan and congratulations to the jury on getting it right. Click here for more details about this case.


Thanks to attorneys like H. Gavin Long and his colleagues at Bisnar|Chase Personal Injury Attorneys for championing the fight for injury victims, taking insurance companies and corporate giants to the mat and winning!


Lisa Wagner

Senior Vice President, Client Services


Ciao Stress!


Advocate Capital Inc. employee appreciation Coco's Italian food truckOn Thursday, August 13, Advocate Capital, Inc. Nashville based employees enjoyed lunch and chair massages for August’s employee appreciation event. Delicious pasta, sandwiches and cannolis were provided by Coco’s Italian Food Truck.


After lunch, massage therapists from Mind Body Institute met with each employee privately for a 15 minute chair massage. Located in different areas around the office, these massages were set to peaceful music and helped melt the afternoon stress away.


Special thanks to the Accounting and Operations Teams for planning and hosting this relaxing event.


Be sure to check out our Facebook and Google+ albums to see photos.


Tina Burns

Vice President


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