Happy New Year!


Copyright : Maxim BorovkovAdvocate Capital Inc. wishes you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Our offices will be closed on Thursday, 12/31 and the Friday, 1/1 holiday.  All funding transactions received on 12/30 will be processed on Thursday, 12/31. All payment transactions received on 12/30, as well as any payment or funding received after that date, will be processed promptly on Monday, January 4.


Should you have any questions regarding the processing of any transaction, please feel free to contact our Accounting Team at 1-615-577-5448 or by email to this address: Accounting@AdvocateCapital.com.



Thank you for being our valued customer.  Our entire team wishes a safe and happy New Year to all of our customers, staff and their families.


Mary Berst

Director of Finance and Administration


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Ways to Better Market Your Law Firm on LinkedIn


Copyright : prykhodovI’ve blogged about the importance of LinkedIn for networking and generating new clients many times. As we enter into 2016, you may be wondering if there are any new ways to use this social media platform to better market your personal injury law firm to the more than 122 million registered members in the US.



In a recent article, Scorpion Design, LLC’s Vice President of Sales Nicolas Gomez shared tips for “how to use LinkedIn to your firm’s advantage.” Here are a few of his tips:


  • Showcase Your Attorneys’ Educational & Professional Achievements: “You should ensure that each of your firm’s attorneys has a comprehensive LinkedIn profile that emphasizes his or her professional experience, educational achievements, and special training and certifications.” You should also include recent publications and other accomplishments that would interest a potential client.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Get Personal: Many people are afraid to let their personality show on their LinkedIn profile since it is mainly a professional networking site. Adding a personal touch to your profile image or crafting a unique summary will set you apart from the crowd. Remember, this is “a place where you can share your voice and your passion for representing the wrongfully injured.”
  • Make Your Profile Easy to Find with Keywords: If you are familiar with online marketing then you know the importance of keywords to search results. LinkedIn is no different. “You should incorporate relevant keywords into your LinkedIn profile. A few good places to do this are in your professional headline, job title, and summary.”


(View the full article, “How to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Personal Injury Law Firm”)


Take some time to review your LinkedIn profile in 2016 and see what changes you can make to better market your firm. As Mr. Gomez states, “An hour of your time could lead to a steady stream of profitable business relationships for your firm.”


Tina Burns

Vice President


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Advocate Capital Surpasses $100 Million Outstanding Balance


Time to celebrate!


Advocate Capital Inc. 100M CelebrationThe entire Advocate Capital Team took time-out December 17th to celebrate a new milestone of $100,000,000 in outstanding loan balances.


We all enjoyed cake, champagne, a catered lunch by Olive Garden and a few other surprises at our Nashville office. All of our off-site associates joined us by video conference as well.


Advocate Capital Inc. 100M CelebrationWe have taken a lot of pride over the years assisting the plaintiffs’ bar battling for David versus Goliath. Our civil justice system exists to level the playing field so that everyone in our society can have his/her case heard by a judge or jury that is impartial and fair. Since the economic scales are tilted in the favor of powerful, big business, plaintiff attorneys use this level playing field to right a wrong and correct an injustice.


As our motto says, “Our mission is to help an ever-increasing number of plaintiff lawyers get even better results for their clients.” Our Team looks forward to continuing to provide excellent service for many years to come to our clients who have helped us reach the $100 million level of success. We don’t rest on our laurels for long and our goal for 2016 is to reach $120 million.


View photos from our celebration in our Facebook and Google+ albums.


Thank you to all our clients who have entrusted Advocate Capital in helping their law firms grow and prosper!


Dan A. Taussig



Happy Holidays!


34439087_sDuring Christmas week, our offices will be closed on Thursday, 12/24 and Friday, 12/25.


All payments, fundings and other transactions received on these days will be processed promptly on Monday, December 28.


Should you have any questions regarding the processing of any transaction, please feel free to contact our Accounting Team at 1-615-577-5448 or by email to this address: Accounting@AdvocateCapital.com.


Thank you for being our valued customer. Our entire team wishes a safe and happy holiday season to all of our customers, staff and their families.


Michael J. Swanson

President and CEO


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Supreme Judicial Court Unanimous Decision Expands Time Limit in Civil Sex Abuse Cases


Advocate Capital Inc. client Mark ItzkowitzThe Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts recently upheld a 2014 law extending the civil statute of limitations for child sex abuse victims. Advocate Capital’s friend and client, Mark Itzkowitz helped Carmen Durso of Durso Law write the brief.


According to an article in The Watham News Tribune, Plaintiff Rosanne Sliney sued her uncle, Domenic A. Previte Jr., in 2012, alleging that he sexually abused her from the age of 5 until she turned 14. “Sliney brought a lawsuit against Previte in 2012 and a judge initially dismissed the case, ruling it was beyond the state statute of limitations.  Sliney appealed the case and simultaneously fought to get the law changed.” The law passed in 2014 extended the statute from 32 years to age 53, and allowed the extension to be applied retroactively.


The Defense claimed the law was unconstitutional and stressed the difficulty to find witnesses to rebut the allegations decades later. The court unanimously sided with the Plaintiff.


“It wasn’t until Rosanne managed to get people involved the way she did that things changed and that the law got passed,” said attorney Mark Itzkowitz. “All the people that had been stopped from pursuing justice can now pursue justice because of Rosanne.”


(Read the full article, ‘Waltham Woman at Front of Sex Abuse Battle’)


Advocate Capital, Inc. is proud to support trial lawyers, like Mark Itzkowitz, who work tirelessly to defend the rights of victims.


Tina Burns

Vice President


Some Things to Watch for in 2016


Copyright : Judith FlackeWith the end of the year approaching, we start to see predictions for next year. Recently, I came across Frank Strong’s article, “6 Bold Predictions for Legal Marketing in 2016.” He talks about the 2016 predictions made by legal marketing professional Larry Bodine, and they definitely provide some food for thought. Here are a few of the predictions:


  • “End of the road for SEO.”
  • “Social media goes legal.”
  • “Owned media rising.”


To view the full article, click here.


Tina Burns

Vice President


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Facebook Announces Update in Debated ‘Real Name’ Policy


Copyright : Ingvar BjorkFacebook recently announced an update to their policy requiring users to register under their real names. The policy forces users to provide proof of identity should an account become “flagged” with a fake name. Previously, these flagged profiles would suddenly become deactivated.


The update is not a change to the policy itself, but rather an alternative way for users to explain their circumstances for using a pseudo-name. The updates allow users seven days to prove their identity before deactivation, and also, Facebook provides documents to help people verify their name.


This all came to light due to communities who face discrimination and identify better under other names. Justin Osofsky, Vice President of Global Operations, stated, “We’re firmly committed to this policy, and it is not changing.” Facebook remains committed to protecting users from the deception of false accounts.


To read the full article titled “Facebook announces major update to controversial ‘real name’ policy,” click here.


Tina Burns

Vice President


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How to Get Your Medical Bills Paid After an Accident


President and CEO Michael J. Swanson‘s recently interviewed Attorney Matthew Dubin of the Law Offices of Matthew D. Dubin in Seattle, Washington about what consumers should do to get their medical bills paid after an accident.



Tina Burns

Vice President


Nader Opens American Museum of Tort Law


http://lawanddisorder.org/wp-content/uploads/tort-museum-winsted-9-6-15-register-citizen-288x217.jpgRalph Nader, the long-time consumer advocate, has recently opened the American Museum of Tort Law. According to Mr. Nader, “Tort law is being run into the ground, maligned, caricatured and slandered because it’s effective.”


According to an article by Erik Eckholm in the New York Times, “The museum aims to describe the evolution of the law regarding negligence and liability, and it features some of the most groundbreaking cases of the last 20th century.”


In addition to exhibits dedicated to the groundbreaking cases, Mr. Nader wants to eventually have drama students re-enact famous trials in a mock courtroom, and have the museum available for school trips and other educational endeavors.


The full New York Times article can be read here.


Photo Credit: Lawanddisorder.org

2015 LAJ Convention was Awesome!


Copyright : Chad PalmerAdvocate Capital, Inc. would like to send out huge thanks and CONGRATULATIONS to Tom Wright, Director of Membership, and the entire team at the Louisiana Association for Justice  for closing out 2015 with an amazing conference last week in New Orleans.


This was a fantastic show for attorneys and vendors alike.  Tina Burns and I visited with clients, met new prospective clients and found the convention to be a wonderful networking opportunity on many fronts.


We look forward to 2016 and another fabulous production in The Big Easy!


Please take a moment to view additional photos from LAJ on our Facebook and Google+ albums.  Feel free to tag someone you know!


Donna A. Jones

Senior Vice President


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