Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott Attorneys Named “Best of the Bar”


Authored By: Iris Garrett


meyerkord-russell-hergottCongratulations to our friends at Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott for recently being named “Best of the Bar” for 2016 in the Kansas City Business Journal.


Lawyers are selected in the “Best of the Bar” contest by their peers and are considered the top private practice attorneys in the Kansas City metro area. This year, Matt Meyerkord, Brian Russell, and Nick Hergott were all represented on the list (198 were chosen in total), and the three of them are now featured on the publication’s website.


Advocate Capital, Inc. congratulates Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott on their great accomplishment. Their team works to help clients suffering from personal injury and car accident cases through no fault of their own, and we are proud to partner with a firm like theirs.


For more information on their “Best of the Bar” recognition, click here.


Indiana Trial Lawyers Association 52nd Annual Institute


Authored By: Tiffany Orth


ITLA_LogoWill you be attending the ITLA’s 52nd Annual Institute in Indianapolis on November 3-4?


Jeff Glueck will be representing Advocate Capital, Inc. at booth #6. Stop by and discover The Advocate Flexline®, our new product combination that gives contingent-fee law firms the most powerful funding solution ever available.


The 52nd Annual Institute will take place at the Indiana Convention Center. This two-day seminar provides exceptional CLE presented by nationally-recognized trial attorneys and other experts. Earn up to a year’s worth of CLE hours including ethics and learn important changes in Indiana law while networking with hundreds of other ITLA members.


Don’t forget to visit our booth and enter our raffle for a chance to win a Bose® SoundLink® Mini!


We hope to see you there.


How Much Is Your Personal Injury Case Worth?


Watch President and CEO Michael J. Swanson as he interviews Attorneys Bob and Brad Simon of The Simon Law Group about some of the factors that determine how much a personal injury case is worth.



Tina Burns

Vice President


Action in Arizona


Authored By: Barry Epstein


barry-azajMary Berst and Barry Epstein were welcomed back and thanked for our continued sponsorship support by the program Chairman and operating committee of the AZ Association for Justice.


The Sidney T. Marable Advanced Trial Advocacy Conference was held in Scottsdale on October 21st and 22nd.


Barry met with clients and friends like Matt Millea, Program Chairman; Mike Magee; Ty Tabor, Past President and had the opportunity to address all the attendees at the luncheon, which led to several positive conversations at the exhibit.


Mary had the opportunity to experience first-hand the dynamics of a tradeshow conference and expressed that it was much better than she had anticipated. She was also able to use her extensive knowledge of sports and travel to initiate conversations in the “mingle mode” and transition the attorney into a business dialogue.


17778For more than 17 years, Advocate Capital’s mission has been to help plaintiff lawyers get even better results for their clients by providing access to the lowest cost of capital in the marketplace.


2016 has been an amazing year of growth for Advocate Capital, Inc. We believe our partnerships with personal injury law firms continue to grow thanks to our industry reputation of providing the world’s most effective case funding system, our excellent customer service and our proprietary software – which tracks the “recoverable” interest on a case-by-case basis.


If you were unable to stop by our ATAC exhibit, you can still learn more about us here.


Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say ‘hello’. We enjoy working with you to ensure that while you pursue justice for your clients, we’re supporting you in the business of running a law firm.


Biren Law Group Demands Justice in Complex Spine Injury Case


birenThe Plaintiff worked as a gasoline tank driver and had years of driving experience, but it was while driving his Ford F150 to take his young daughter to school that he sustained severe spinal injuries. As he was exiting from the gated community where he lived, he came to a stop to let children pass who were walking to school. While waiting for the children to clear, the community gate closed on the plaintiffs’ vehicle. It had rained the night before and the gate was wet. While attempting to pull the wet gate off of his truck, the plaintiff’s hands slipped on wet bars causing him to twist and the gate to close on his back resulting in a lumbar back injury. The defense claimed the plaintiff had a preexisting degenerative spine, even though he had never before experienced low back symptoms. After failing conservative care, a spine specialist performed a three level laminectomy.


The case first went to mediation and the defense could have settled initially for $450,000, but instead made an unreasonably low offer. Attorneys Matthew B.F. Biren and Andrew G.O. Biren of The Biren Law Group then developed a mountain of evidence demonstrating the culpability of the defendant — multiple failures by the gate’s maintenance company which caused the gate to malfunction; a properly maintained gate would never close on a vehicle while exiting and even if it did, it should have automatically opened on contact with the vehicle rather than staying clamped on it.


Over the course of the next year, the Plaintiff’s lumbar symptoms returned, only worse – he was beginning to develop neurological deficits. After again failing conservative care, the Plaintiff was left with no alternative other than fusing the three damaged levels. Before surgery could be performed, as a result of back problems and neurological deficits, his leg began giving away and he ultimately suffered a fall, injuring his neck, which would require a one level cervical fusion.


All surgeries were completed before the case was to proceed to trial. After the court made rulings on evidentiary motions that were very favorable to the Plaintiff, the defendant’s primary insurer, who had never offered even the $450,000 that would have settled the case early on, finally agreed to pay its policy. At that point negotiations began with the excess carrier and the case was settled for multiples of the original settlement demand; twice the amount any mediator had ever put on the case.


The Biren Law Group was determined to hold the defendant accountable, building their case and refusing to give up until justice was achieved on behalf of their client. Without the Firm’s expertise and determination, the Plaintiff would have been at the mercy of the defendant who denied accountability and liability.


Advocate Capital, Inc. is proud to support the great work of trial lawyers across the U.S. in the fight to ensure justice for consumers. Please join us in congratulating The Biren Law Group and their client!


Lisa Wagner

Senior Vice President, Client Services


The Carlson Law Firm Achieves Justice for Family Following Life-Altering Baby Brain Injury in Day Care Negligence Case


Advocate Capital Inc client The Carlson Law Firm Julie PeschelCongratulations to Julie Peschel, Partner at The Carlson Law Firm, who was able to achieve justice for the parents of a three- month-old little boy who ultimately lost the battle of his life following a life-altering brain injury sustained at a local day care. The unspeakable tragedy began for this family on August 30, 2013 after their three-month-old son was fed a bottle, placed in a crib and then left unattended.


By the time the day care worker returned to check on the three-month-old little boy, he had aspirated and stopped breathing. Rescue attempts were too late and tragically, the little boy was left with permanent brain injury as a result of the amount of time that had elapsed without oxygen to his brain. The tragedy continued for this family as the three-month-old suffered numerous surgeries, and was unable to breathe or eat on his own. Sadly, he passed away in 2015 due to complications and illness.


Advocate Capital, Inc. clients Carlson Law FirmNothing can restore this family’s hopes and dreams for the infant they lost way too soon as a result of the senseless negligence of a day care. However, with the help of Attorney Julie Peschel and The Carlson Law Firm, the family will be able to raise awareness about infant brain injury and affect systemic change in the hopes that no other family will have to suffer the same tragic loss.


Advocate Capital, Inc. is honored to support the important work of trial lawyers in the effort to affect change and make the world a safer place for us all by demanding accountability and changing behavior.


Lisa Wagner

Senior Vice President, Client Services


Chambers, Noronha & Kubota Team Up for 2016 Orange County Buddy Walk


dsaocMark your calendars! It’s time for the 2016 Orange County Buddy Walk and this year’s event promises lots of fun for the entire family, all on a major league baseball field.


On Sunday, October 30th the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County (DSA|OC) will host its largest annual fund-raising event, the Orange County Buddy Walk at Angels Stadium of Anaheim in California. The Buddy Walk was first introduced by the National Down Syndrome Society as a way to bring together parent organizations across the country and to help raise awareness about individuals with Down syndrome. The Orange County Buddy Walk is one of the largest Down syndrome awareness events in the country bringing together more than 2,500 people.


Our friends at Chambers, Noronha & Kubota are proud sponsors of DSA|OC. Having served as a sponsor for this fantastic organization for 13 years, the Orange County Buddy Walk is one of their favorite events. CNK started supporting DSA/OC when their Office Administrator, Janette Mattson, gave birth to her daughter who was diagnosed with down syndrome. DSA/OC has supported Janette, her daughter and her family in so many ways that she also was compelled to give back to the organization by serving on the DSA|OC Board of Directors and is the current President.


“The DSA/OC Buddy Walk is one of the greatest events in Orange County,” says Gary Chambers, Managing Partner of Chambers, Noronha & Kubota. “This organization is the best place for individuals with Down syndrome and their families to obtain information and support. We have seen this first hand with how much they have done for Janette’s family.”


Can’t make it for the walk and festivities on the 30th? You can still join the fun by helping DSA|OC meet this year’s event goal of $200,000.00. Click here to donate toward Rebecca Mattson and Her Rebels or go to to learn more about this amazing and fun organization and their other events.


Lisa Wagner

Senior Vice President, Client Services


Photo Credit: DSA|OC



4 Google Panda Myths to Forget


Authored By: Iris Garrett


Copyright : Mark CarrelIf you haven’t heard of “Google Panda,” you’re not alone. The term describes a change the search engine made to its ranking algorithm back in 2011. It aimed to prevent what Google dubbed “low-quality” or “thin” sites from appearing at the top of a user’s search results. The only problem was despite Google’s good intentions, the update also impacted many websites that contained quality content and were not just filled with spam. Long story short, it greatly reduced their rankings.


According to Pratik Dholakiya of E2M, a digital marketing agency, the particulars of Google’s algorithms are always changing, but many website users aren’t aware of the changes. In fact, he says many people are still under the assumption that “Google Panda’s” principles are the same as they were five years ago. Dholakiya says that is simply not the case, and he shares four myths about the search rank update that need to be forgotten.


Myth #1: A Panda Update is Coming Soon – Dholakiya says website users need not worry about a single update. The search engine is constantly making updates to its algorithm, but the changes are not always labeled “Panda”. As a result, many website users don’t even notice.


Myth #2: Google’s Duplicate Content Filter is Linked to Panda – Dholakiya says Google uses both tools, they came out at the same time, and they aim at similar results (making search rank correlate with quality). However, they are two separate things.


Myth #3: Panda Targets Sites with Too Much User-Generated Content – SEOs are now recommending that users remove the UGC on their websites, but Dholakiya says this is an overreaction. As long as your content is high quality and not crawling with people promoting a simple trick to make money online, you should be safe.


Myth #4: All Your Site’s Pages Must Be High Quality – Dholakiya says not every page needs to be perfect for your website to score a high ranking. He says even if “Google Panda” penalizes an individual page for poor quality, a site’s main pages can still rank well.


So, what will it take to arm your firm against “Google Panda”? Dholakiya says monitoring your website, whether that’s using analytics tools to find pages with low traffic and high bounce, or making sure you don’t have too much duplicate content, will help you stay out of Panda’s path.


You can read Dholakiya’s full article on the Search Engine Journal by clicking here.

Photo Credit: Mark Carrel

Time Well Spent at UAJ


Authored by: Rachel Markin


Michelle Simms and Dan Taussig had a great time at the 2016 Utah Association for Justice conference. UAJ took place in beautiful Salt Lake City on October 6th and 7th.


Michelle Simms and Dan Taussig at UAJ 2016

Michelle Simms and Dan Taussig at UAJ 2016

Michelle Simms met with clients and friends like Dustin Lance and Jessica Andrew of Lance Andrew, P.C. , Ned Siegfried of Siegfried & Jensen, P.C. and Brad Parker and Jim McConkie of Parker & McConkie, P.C. She said it was great to see so many of our clients and to meet with new firms.


Michelle says another highlight of the conference was attending a “Women of UAJ” meeting, where a group of women had a wonderful time talking about their common interests of fighting for people’s rights.


For more than 15 years Advocate Capital’s mission has been to help plaintiff lawyers get even better results for their clients by providing access to the lowest cost of capital in the marketplace. 2016 has been an amazing year of growth for Advocate Capital, Inc. We believe our partnerships with personal injury law firms continues to grow thanks to our excellent customer service and our proprietary software Advoctrac. The world’s most effective case funding system, which tracks the interest on a case by case basis. If you weren’t able to stop by our UAJ booth, you can still learn more here.


Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello in Salt Lake City. We enjoy working with you to ensure the door to the courthouse stays open for all people.


Don’t Be a Victim of the Vanishing Jury Trial


Authored By: Iris Garrett


Empty Courtroom

With the recent measures to end corporate arbitration (such as the case for federally-funded nursing home admission contracts), it would make sense that more disputes and legal issues would be taken to court; however, that assumption is wrong. The reality is that the process of settling a case with an arbiter or third party is entirely more prevalent than actual trials.


David Fauss of Magnus Research Consultants and Graphics says this trend is described as the “vanishing jury trial” and says it has caused many legal professionals from gaining access to the courtroom. As a result, they lose their valuable trial skills.


Fauss’ partner, Dr. Melissa Pigott says the “vanishing jury trial” has also put trial lawyers at risk of potentially alienating their clients. She says the alienation comes from people wanting to hire attorneys who go to court and not ones who simply sit in their office and prepare cases for settlement.  Another downside? She says unfortunately the risk doesn’t weaken if you’re an experienced lawyer or one just starting out.


So how do trial lawyers address and solve the “vanishing jury trial” phenomenon? Dr. Pigott says these days, the only way for an attorney to be guaranteed trial experience is by working as a prosecutor or public defender trying criminal cases.  Yet, she and Fauss agree that trial lawyers in other areas can stay above the fold if they follow one principle: “sharpen the saw”. They say engaging in practices like mock trials can keep your skills from getting rusty or dull and doing so will not only help you during a case, but will keep you sharp even when you’re not in front of a jury.


You can read David Fauss and Dr. Melissa Pigott’s full article by clicking here.

Photo Credit: Aleksandar Radovanovic

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