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What Makes Employees Want to Stay?

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According to a recent article in The Tennessean by Doug Claffey, the CEO of Workplace Dynamics, over 37% of employees looked for better jobs elsewhere – up from 35% in 2014.  It goes without saying that high-performing organizations want to reduce turnover.  So the natural question is – what makes employees want to stay?


According to Mr. Claffey, “It’s when organizations focus on what really matter: connection, alignment and execution.  Healthy organizations thrive when people feel connected.”  It is senior leaders’ responsibility to ensure that this connection occurs – that “employees understand where the company is going and how it is going there.”


The article offers some great insight into how to form organizations that foster this connection.  The full article can be read here.


Tina Burns

Vice President, Marketing


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What Should I Do If I’ve Been Injured at Work?


Be sure to watch President and CEO Michael J. Swanson‘s interview with Brianne Thomas, from Boyd Kenter Thomas & Parrish, LLC, to learn what you should do if you are ever injured at work.



Tina Burns

Vice President


What is Desk Yoga?


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The Advocate Capital Inc. Wellness Committee kicked off the first Lunch & Learn series on Tuesday, June 21 with an introduction to desk yoga. Fitness Professional Susan McDonald lead employees through a series of easy yoga poses she developed for people to do at their desks.


Susan stated, “Desk yoga is something I advocate for all my students — and myself, for that matter. We all spend so much of our time in seated, rounded forward positions, and we now know that sitting like this for prolonged periods can adversely affect posture, breathing, circulation, hip mobility, heart health, and even brain function, among other things.”


Along with seated stretches and breathing exercises, Susan’s ‘Take 5 Yoga Break’ included standing stretches using desks, chairs, and walls as props requiring no special skill or prior yoga experience. Click the links below for some important health information and two workouts:


Don’t Just Sit There!

Take 5 – Desk Yoga

Take 5 – Desk Yoga II


This first event was well received by all participants and we highly recommend trying it within your office.


Jeff Glueck

Vice President, Business Development


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Advocate Capital Employees Celebrate Summer Solstice – Let’s Luau!


Summer has arrived in Nashville!


Advocate Capital Inc. Luau


To celebrate, the Quality Assurance Review Team (from left: Michelle Rigsby, Sarah Hazlewood, Donna Jones, Cindy Sharp, Buffy Escue and Ashley Harrison) hosted a luau on June 17 for our employee appreciation event.


Employees enjoyed Hawaiian fare from L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, including Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken, Chicken Katsu, Pineapple Fried Rice and Spam Musubi (Hawaiian sushi made of Spam- yes Spam!) and a beach themed chocolate and vanilla cake.


Luau WinnersIt would not be a Luau with a game of limbo and Best Dressed photo contest!


Congratulations to the limbo winner, Laszlo Kovacs of our underwriting department. Billie Hardison from our technology department was a very close runner up.


Employees took turns with props at the photo booth vying for the “Best Dressed” at the luau. Winning by a landslide was Matt Sturdivant of our marketing team.


View photos from the event in Advocate Capital, Inc.’s Facebook and Google+ albums.


Donna A. Jones

Senior Vice President


Dallas Trial Lawyers Achieve $6M Verdict Following $25K Offer


Reyes Browne ReilleyThe important work of trial lawyers too often goes unnoticed. Insurance companies and big corporations, driven solely by profit incentives, rarely step up to the plate to do the right thing, taking responsibility for their actions or the actions of those they insure. Rather than accepting responsibility, they will fight to the bitter end to avoid accountability.


Without trial lawyers who are willing to fight insurance companies and giant corporations, all the while, paying case costs out of their own pockets, not getting paid for what can sometimes be years, even decades, consumers like you and me are at the mercy of insurance companies and big corporations.


Unfortunately, that was the case for the families of Paula Hahn and Alice Stanley. Sixty-nine year old Paula Hahn was looking forward to a fun bus trip to Durant Oklahoma to visit the Choctaw Nation casino when her bus trip took a tragic turn. The Choctaw Nation provides charted bus service to transport passengers from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to their casino in Durant Oklahoma. On this day, the bus driver failing to maintain proper control of the bus crashed into a concrete barrier along the President George Bush Turnpike in Irving, just outside of Dallas/Ft. Worth, causing the bus to flip over, killing three passengers on board and injuring several others.


Following the horrifying accident, Ms. Hahn was partially ejected and crushed to death by the weight of bus. She survived only for about 10 minutes after the crash until she passed.


The Choctaw Nation refused to accept responsibility for the driver and for the crash, instead shifting the blame to Cardinal Coach Lines, the chartered bus company. Ultimately, before trial, the Choctaw Nation offered the Hahn family $25,000.00 to settle. Spencer Browne of  Reyes|Browne|Reilley  represented the Hahn family. Without trial lawyers like Spencer Browne, the Hahn family could have received zero at trial or accepted a mere $25,000 for the negligent conduct that resulted in the death of their loved one.


Instead, the Hahn family received a verdict over $6M from the jury. Jurors have spoken and likely at tremendous trial costs paid in advance by this tenacious trial lawyer and his firm, yet still, the Choctaw Nation continues to fight and plans to appeal the verdict.


Thanks to great trial lawyers like Spencer Browne who will continue the fight even through the appeal to ensure justice for the Hahn family. A life cut short on a fun bus trip with friends.


Lisa Wagner

Senior Vice President, Client Services


Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys 58th Annual Convention



Will you be attending the MATA 58th Annual Convention in Branson, Mo. on June 23-26?


Donna Jones and Michelle Rigsby will be representing Advocate Capital, Inc. during the convention. Stop by and discover The Advocate Flexline™, our brand new product combination that gives contingent-fee law firms the most powerful funding solution ever available.


The 2016 MATA Convention will take place at the Branson Convention Center. This convention includes a spectacular CLE program featuring a mock trial, judicial forums, specialized workers compensation track and the Annual Update on the Law. Attendees also enjoy a slew of social activities including a carnival, golf tournament and 5k run/1-mile fun walk.


Don’t forget to visit our booth and enter our raffle for a chance to win Bose® SoundLink® Mini!


We hope to see you there.


Tina Burns

Vice President


What is Co-Employee Liability?


Be sure to watch President and CEO Michael J. Swanson’s interview with Brianne Thomas of Boyd Kenter Thomas & Parrish, LLC to learn about co-employee liability and how it can affect your worker’s compensation claim.



Tina Burns

Vice President


What NOT to Do on Social Media


Copyright : Yulia KireevaWe’ve all seen how one “bad” post or miswording on social media can go viral in seconds. Many law firms are just now adopting social media into their marketing strategy and may be using the platforms incorrectly. The question to ask is, “Do I understand social media etiquette and how can my firm use it in accordance with the rules of professional conduct?”


Avvo’s Director of Industry Relations Dan Lear recently wrote an article discussing how “many lawyers are ineffective or even unethical when using social media” and shared five examples of how lawyers and law firms are “failing to understand what social media users expect.”


Here are a few of his examples:


  • Following no one. Twitter is not a one-way communication medium. If your account doesn’t follow anyone, Mr. Lear states this will appear like you are not listening. “Beyond appearing unaware that the medium exists precisely to encourage engagement, it also comes off as quite arrogant — an accusation that lawyers would do well to try to minimize.”
  • Using spammy marketing text. Be sure to avoid “hashtag-filled, nonsensical or repetitive posts that are unwelcome, questionably effective and arguably unethical.”
  • Leaving professionalism at the office. “Social media has dramatically reduced the distance between the angry thoughts and ideas in one’s head and the rest of the world. While lawyers used to shout at the car dashboard after a bad day, the internet provides a close and dangerously powerful medium to “vent before you think.”” Remember how you respond to negative reviews or comments on social media will reflect heavily on your firm.


(Read the full article, “How to Avoid Lawyer Social Media Facepalms”)


Take some time to review these examples and evaluate how you are engaging on all your social media channels. As Mr. Lear states, “The key, as successful users have learned, is understanding and meeting your audiences’ expectations.”


Tina Burns

Vice President


Photo Credit: Yulia Kireeva

Referral Sources: Using LinkedIn to Build Long-Term Relationships


Copyright : marininiIn a recent article, Stephen Fairley, CEO of The Rainmaker Institute, shared some tips to use your personal LinkedIn profile to grow relationships with referral sources. He states, “The more people you connect with, the more opportunities you have to build meaningful relationships, and the more potential clients and referral sources you can generate.”


Here are a few tips from his list:


  • Complete Your Profile. Don’t be afraid to make the most of your profile by adding your background, keywords and phrases to help boost your Google standings. “I know plenty of attorneys who have generated referrals because they went to the same school as someone else on LinkedIn, or grew up in the same hometown. Creating a shared reality with a prospect can be a powerful step toward acquiring their business.”
  • Use the Headline Below Your Profile to Make People Want to Know More. “Try to think of your headline as your professional tagline. You have the opportunity to describe the type of attorney you are and the type of work you are currently doing.”
  • Post Often. As you know, social media is not something that should be left stagnate. LinkedIn is no different. “The Post area of LinkedIn allows you to share articles or other content — like repurposed blog posts — to extend your reach to your LinkedIn network.”
  • Use LinkedIn Groups. “LinkedIn Groups can be a very effective way to increase your visibility among niche audiences, like your target market. It takes a little while to get used to how this works.”


(View full article, “9 Steps to Cultivate Referral Sources on LinkedIn”)


LinkedIn provides an excellent platform to reach new clients and develop long-term relationships with your referral sources, but you have to put in the effort. As Mr. Fairley states, “Be willing to work at it. This is not something you can “set and forget”.”


Tina Burns

Vice President


Photo Credit: marinini

Attorney Ben Cloward Named 2016 Co-Trial Lawyer of the Year


Advocate Capital Inc. client Ben ClowardWe are pleased to announce that Attorney Ben Cloward of Cloward Hicks & Brasier, our client, has been selected by the Nevada Justice Association to receive the 2016 Co-Trial Lawyer of the Year.


Mr. Cloward will be presented with his well-deserved award at the upcoming Annual Summer Gala to be held at The Grove at SouthCreek in Reno on June 14th and then again at the World Market Center in Las Vegas on June 16th.


Leading up to his nomination, Mr. Cloward successfully obtained a $15,000,000 verdict for a case involving Harvey, a loving 51 year old mildly disabled man, who choked to death on his sandwich while riding on a paratransit bus. The driver of the bus gave Harvey permission to eat his sandwich violating the company’s no drinking or eating policy. Harvey choked to death sitting 4 feet behind the driver while passengers were getting on and off the bus. The driver never checked on Harvey, who was slumped over, unconscious and clinging to life. This violated another paratransit bus policy that required checking on passengers every 5 seconds through the use of mirrors. Harvey died that day.


Mr. Cloward characterizes the victory for Harvey’s family as “my proudest day being a trial lawyer for people.”


Congratulations Ben on your well-earned Co-Trial Lawyer of the Year designation and thank you for fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves.


Jeff Glueck

Vice President – Business Development


Advocate Wellness: Our First Ever Wellness Program Launches in June


ACI WellnessOur associates are our greatest resource. Because of them, we are able to deliver best in class service to our clients.


I have 4 statistics to share with you from 2015:


  1. We processed 1.65 million transactions for our clients in 2015.
  2. We are tracking 47,000 cases
  3. For 370 valued clients
  4. Across 43 states


For you math buff’s that’s an average of 6,800 flawless transactions per day…and we are launching more new clients than all of our competitors combined. This volume has us focused on the well-being of our staff across all areas of our business.


To this end, our Board of Directors has approved the introduction of Advocate Wellness, our first ever wellness program to all our valued employees. Advocate Wellness will focus on these core pillars of service to all of our associates:


  • Nutrition
  • Education
  • Onsite activities and promotions


To help us accomplish our mission of being the best we can be, we have partnered with Walkingspree. Walkingspree provides a platform that integrates wearable activity monitors into a single comprehensive platform allowing for friendly competition, focus, and team comradery helping us to foster an environment of enhanced well-being for all employees. Their robust reporting platform will help us measure the positive impact the program is having to our wellness Mission Statement:


Enhance physical, emotional, and intellectual health of our employee population and their families through means of awareness, education, and onsite health promotion programs.


Are you interested in a wellness program for your firm? Not sure where to start? Drop me a line at I will be happy to share what we learned with you.


We are excited to see where it all take us!


Jeff Glueck

Vice President – Business Development


Debi Chalik – Part 1 of 2 – Parasailing Safety


Watch Part 1 of Mr. Swanson’s interview with Florida Attorney Debi Chalik of the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik to learn some important safety‬ tips to consider before you go ‪‎parasailing.



Tina Burns

Vice President


ROI2016: Marketing Built for Lawyers


ROI2016One of the most exciting perks of being a member of Injury Board is the Radius of Influence (ROI) conference taking place this week in Clearwater Beach, FL. ROI2016 is expecting over 100 attendees, including Advocate Capital Inc.’s President and CEO Michael J. Swanson.


ROI is an annual conference designed to educate attorneys and their marketing directors about the power of networking and word-of-mouth marketing. The conference is built on teaching best practices—via general sessions and breakouts—for building relationships and a good reputation, which are key to referrals and long-term success in business.


As a corporate member of Injury Board, we have the opportunity to participate Injury Board Day of Action (#IBDayofAction). This nationwide community outreach effort bring together plaintiffs’ firms from across the U.S.—all working for the same cause on the same day. Stay tuned this fall for more details!


If you are a plaintiff lawyer looking to expand your firm and your network, and if you are committed to relationships and community service, we highly recommend Injury Board. Learn about the many benefits of Injury Board and how to get involved here.


Tina Burns

Vice President


Another Take on Lady Justice


Lady Justice 2020Most of us are familiar with Lady Justice as a personification of the moral force in judicial systems. Her usual attributes are a blindfold, a balance and a sword. Stephanie Brake recently created a painting that revises those attributes.


Stephanie is an artist and musician based here in Nashville, Tenn. She also happens to be one of our newer employees here at Advocate Capital, Inc., having joined our Credit team in March of this year. Like all new employees here, she went through our training program which includes a review of contingent-fee law practices, 7th Amendment basics and the truth about insurance companies. (You are NOT in good hands with Allstate and Nationwide is NOT on your side!)


After learning about the important work that plaintiff lawyers do, Stephanie felt inspired to create her painting, which is called “Lady J: 20/20.” I asked her about the process and here’s what she shared with me:


The motivation behind Lady J: 20/20:  The unbalanced scale was to acknowledge a different perspective on justice. I do not believe it is blind. Due process in nature is transparent and bright, so sunglasses are needed. The dilemma is when the scales are tilted in favor for the advantaged. Luckily, there are players like Advocate Capital who are harmonizing our 7th Amendment right.


Lady J: 20/20 is on display in Stephanie’s office for everyone here at Advocate Capital to enjoy. Thank you, Stephanie!


Michael J. Swanson

President and Chief Executive Officer


Mike McLachlan Victorious in Historic $58M Groundwater Case


Advocate Capital Inc. client Mike McLachlanCongratulations to Advocate Capital, Inc. friend and client Mike McLachlan of the Law Offices of Michael D. McLachlan on the recent victorious judgment providing his clients with permanent water rights valued at $58M, awarded to thousands of litigants in the Antelope Valley Groundwater Cases.


This judgment has been 17 years in the making, originally filed in October of 1999. The case has over 65,000 parties, covers 1,100 square miles, and is the largest groundwater rights adjudication in western U.S. history. The judgment is great news for the Antelope Valley, ending years of uncertainty of the region’s prospects for economic growth.


Attorney McLachlan concentrates his practice in civil litigation and has successfully handled a wide variety of jury trials and arbitrations. He has also published a number of articles in legal publications and speaks to professional groups on a variety of legal topics.


All of us at Advocate Capital, Inc. are proud to support the work of trial lawyers, like Mike McLachlan, who work tirelessly to pursue justice on behalf of their clients.


Tina R. Burns

Vice President


Tips to Regain Your Focus


Copyright : Wang Chun-KuanIt’s easy to get distracted while trying to complete a project. Whether its email notifications, last minute meetings or a messy work space, a lack of focus can potentially lead to costly mistakes.



In a recent article,’s Managing Editor Samantha Gordon shared some great tips to help you get organized, save time and increase productivity.


Here are a few from her list:



  • Write down your tasks for the entire week. “Drafting up a to-do list at the beginning of the week gets you into the work mindset after a weekend away from the office.”
  • Leave “dead space” in your schedule. A full calendar can lead to a stressful work life. “Try to always leave more dead space toward the end of the week so you can catch up on anything that didn’t get done on schedule.”
  • Check your emails at regular intervals only. “Set a reminder to take a break from your work and catch up on emails once every hour or two. This way, you’ll be able to remain focused on your other tasks without always worrying that something is waiting for you to answer.”
  • Avoid multi-tasking. “Just like you shouldn’t check your email continuously while you’re working, put it and any other work aside when you’re in a meeting or on a call. Give each task your full attention, or your work will be below your standards on everything you’re trying to juggle.”


(View the full article, “18 time-saving tips for the easily distracted marketer”)


By “making small, simple changes to how you go about your day,” you can become more productive and decrease stress.


Tina Burns

Vice President


Photo Credit: Wang Chun-Kuan

Handy & Handy, P.C. Named to Utah’s Legal Elite


Advocate Capital, Inc. client Handy & Handy P.C.Congratulations to Attorneys Garrett and Preston Handy, of Handy & Handy, P.C., on recently being voted Legal Elite by Utah Business magazine in the personal injury practice area for the fourth consecutive year.


According to the Utah Business magazine, Utah’s Legal Elite is “a listing of the top layers in Utah as voted by their peers.” How does this work? The list is compiled from surveys completed by thousands of active Utah State Bar members who are invited to vote for attorneys they deem the “best in the state” and whose legal services they would recommend to others.


The personal injury attorneys at Handy & Handy, P.C., have a combined 30-plus years’ experience. They are revered for their aggressive representation, positive case results and superior client relationships.


Advocate Capital, Inc. congratulates Garrett and Preston Handy on this recent recognition!


Tina Burns
Vice President


Attorney Christopher Banys to Represent Santa Clara County Social Workers


Advocate Capital Inc client Chris BanysOn Friday, dozens of Santa Clara County social workers filed labor complaints against the county and their union. Their claims are that between 2011 and 2014, they were paid a lower rate for overtime than their contract stated. A settlement was offered last November for $3.2 million, however, that would only leave about $2,900 for each of the 1,100 members.


Attorney Christopher Banys of Banys P.C., a Palo Alto lawyer representing 55 of the social workers, quoted, “Our goal is to get our clients paid what they are owed and nothing more.” Some workers’ paychecks are short over $100,000 over the past years.


Banys, P.C. is a team of trial lawyers dedicated to getting results for their clients. The firm brings intelligent, effective advocacy to intellectual property, commercial, employment, class action, dangerous medication and medical device cases across the nation. For more information, visit


To read the full article, click here.


Tina Burns

Vice President


2016 Paralegal of the Year Award Deadline Extended


Copyright : Nopparat WannasukThe nomination deadline for the American Association for Justice’s 2016 Advocate Capital, Inc. Paralegal of the Year Award has been extended to June 3, 2016.


Don’t miss this opportunity to nominate an outstanding paralegal and bring attention to the crucial role they play in our civil justice system!


(Download the 2016 Paralegal of the Year Award nomination form)


This award is presented to a paralegal that has consistently demonstrated knowledge of the law, perseverance in their cases and to their attorneys’ clients, superior paralegal skills and whose commitment and overall attitude is an inspiration to other paralegals. Judging criteria is based on a candidate’s commitment to the paralegal community, continuing legal education and their community through volunteering. Any Paralegal Affiliate of AAJ who has been a member for at least one year is eligible for nomination.  A candidate must be nominated by an AAJ Attorney Member in good standing or by another AAJ Paralegal Affiliate.


The 2016 Paralegal of the Year Award recipient receives free airfare, hotel and registration to AAJ’s 2016 Annual Convention in Los Angeles, Calif., on July 22-25.


Please submit your nomination before June 3 via email to Jennifer Rafter, Caucus Group Manager, at


Tina Burns

Vice President


Photo Credit: Nopparat Wannasuk

Memorial Day Hours


Copyright : Vitalii KrasnoselskyiIn observance of the Memorial Day holiday, our offices will be closed on Monday, May 30th.


All payments, loan advances and other transactions received on this day will be processed promptly on Tuesday, May 31st.


Should you have any questions regarding the processing of any transaction, please feel free to contact our Accounting Team at 1-615-577-5448 or by email to this address:


The entire Advocate Capital, Inc. Team wishes a safe holiday to all of our customers, staff and their families.


Mary Berst

Director of Finance and Administration


Photo Credit: Vitalii Krasnoselskyi

We Are Hiring Again – Accountant


Photo Credit : Michael BrownAdvocate Capital, Inc. is recruiting for a new Accountant to add to our MetroCenter (Nashville, TN) office.


A successful candidate will offer daily and month end accounting support to our Controller, Director of Finance and Administration and CEO including trial balance and account analysis, assurance of transaction recording and coordination, problem resolution and collection of information for the external auditors.



If you are interested, please submit your resume for consideration to


You can view the job posting on LinkedIn here:


Mary Berst

Director of Finance and Administration


Photo Credit: Michael Brown

Choulos & Wyle Victorious For Veteran


Advocate Capital, Inc. client Choulos, Choulos & WyleAdvocate Capital would like to congratulate longtime colleagues George Choulos and Claude Wyle on a recent jury verdict in the San Francisco Superior Court.


The Plaintiff is an Iraqi war veteran, who previously suffered serious back injuries in Iraq and who had come to the Bay Area to attend Hastings Law School.  Plaintiff’s attempt to put his life back together following his injury in the service of our country was interrupted by a tragic bicycle collision.  While commuting to school, Plaintiff was knocked off his bicycle when his handle bar was clipped by the passenger side mirror of a Lexus passing too closely.  The Defendant, a retired railroad lawyer, claimed he never saw the Plaintiff and that the Plaintiff must have done something wrong to cause the collision.


The trial was memorable for three reasons:


  1. The meds paid by Tri-Care were only $30,000, although the gross meds were about $180,000. Because Plaintiff was a student, there was no wage loss. Defense increased their offer from a waiver of costs to $27,500, only after two hard fought hours at a settlement conference. The offer was never formally increased thereafter.


  1. Liability was vehemently contested. The defense made many harsh, nasty personal attacks on the Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s counsel.  The Defense conduct was deplorable – screaming in chambers, during cross-examination and everywhere else.  The defense’s closing mentioned George by name five times, accusing him and the Plaintiff of lying and trying to cover up other injuries that were actually unrelated.  Despite the defense tantrums, George, always the consummate trial lawyer, maintained his composure and did not stoop to the sophomoric antics of the defense. The plaintiff maintained his dignity throughout the attacks, and behaved like the truly strong man that he is.


  1. San Francisco Judge Robertson struck 10 potential jurors for cause because of their dislike for bicycle riders. In San Francisco, most motorists do not like to share the road with bicycle riders and these same motorists are usually bad jurors for bicyclist plaintiffs. The Court’s integrity in empaneling a fair and impartial jury contributed to an award of $373,000, less 33% for comparative fault. The award was approx. $320,000 for general damages, plus some funds for a future surgery for the Iraqi war veteran, and for some loss of household services.


Choulos, Choulos & Wyle handle all types of catastrophic injury cases, but the firm is particularly renowned for its success in handling motorcycle and bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and brain injury claims.


All of us here at Advocate Capital, Inc. applaud George Choulos and Claude Wyle for their victory on behalf of this injured veteran AND thank them for keeping the streets safer for all of us.


Donna A. Jones

Senior Vice President


CFPB Proposes Rule to Restore Consumers’ Right to Sue Banks


Copyright : Alexander KharchenkoIn a recent New York Times article, Jessica Silver-Greenberg and Michael Corkery report that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is proposing a rule that “would restore customers’ rights to bring class-action lawsuits against financial firms, giving Americans major new protections and delivering a serious blow to Wall Street that could cost the industry billions of dollars.”


The proposed rule would apply to most consumer interactions with banks such as bank accounts, credit cards, and other consumer loans and seems likely to go into effect since it does not require congressional approval.


The new rule by the CFPB “will unravel a set of audacious legal maneuvers by corporate America that has prevented customers from using the court system to challenge potentially deceitful banking practices.”


Over the past few decades, banks, credit card companies, and other lenders have used the fine print in their agreements to prohibit customers from accessing the court system and forced them into arbitration on a solo basis. “Without the ability to pool resources, most people abandon their claims and never make it to arbitration.”


The new rules would prohibit this language in contracts and would mean that lenders could not force customers into arbitration. The changes would not apply to existing accounts, “though consumers would be free to pay off their old loans and open new accounts that are covered.”


Legal experts are predicting that the new rules would ostensibly end arbitration.


Which we think would be a good thing.


The full article can be read here.


The proposed rule can be seen here.


Photo Credit: Alexander Kharchenko

Friedlander Dinner for AAJ Nursing Home Group


Advocate Capital Inc. client Bill Friedlander AAJ Nursing Home Group Dinner We were honored to welcome to our hometown of Nashville the American Association of Justice Nursing Home Litigation Group for their annual meeting last week.


Our longtime friend and client Bill Friedlander hosted the opening night dinner at The Vine.


Advocate Capital, Inc. is a longtime supporter of AAJ and the important work they do on behalf of trial lawyers around the country.



The American Association of Justice is the world’s largest trial bar and its mission is noble:


                    Promote accountability and safety

                    Advocate for the civil justice system

                    Enhance the practice of law

                    Improve our communities


The attorney members of the Nursing Home Group who dedicate themselves to the protection of our seniors and holding facilities accountable for elder abuse are very passionate about the work they do.


Thank you for allowing my colleague Tina Burns, our CEO Mike Swanson, and me to share a wonderful evening here in Music City.


Check out the photo albums on Facebook and Google + and tag your friends and colleagues!


Donna A. Jones

Senior Vice President


Employees Enjoy a Night at the Old Ballgame


Advocate Capital Inc. Nashville Sounds game

On Tuesday, May 17, Advocate Capital, Inc. employees enjoyed a Nashville Sounds baseball game at First Tennessee Park for the May employee appreciation event. Employees, local and remote, gathered together on the Bud Patio Deck with their families to watch the game and enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet of hamburgers, hot dogs and pulled pork.


The evening was filled with socializing, laughter and a special Human Cannonball act after the game. The Sounds finished with a 2-1 win over the Fresno Grizzlies to sweep the series!


View photos from the event in our Facebook and Google+ albums.


Tina Burns

Vice President


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