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Nominations Now Open for the 2017 AAJ Paralegal of the Year Award Sponsored by Advocate Capital, Inc.


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AAJ / Advocate Capital, Inc. Paralegal of the Year Award

Nominations for the 2017 AAJ Paralegal of the Year Award are now open. Advocate Capital, Inc. is proud to sponsor this prestigious award for the sixth consecutive year, and we hope that it continues to shed light upon the crucial role paralegals play in our civil justice system.


The AAJ Paralegal of the Year Award Sponsored by Advocate Capital, Inc. is granted to one exceptional individual who consistently makes contributions to the paralegal profession and acts an inspiration to other paralegals through their knowledge of the law, perseverance in cases, and superior skill set. The ideal candidate must also demonstrate a commitment to both continuing legal education and their community through volunteering.


Any AAJ Paralegal Affiliate who has been a member for a minimum one year is eligible to receive the 2017 Paralegal of the Year Award, but they must be nominated by another AAJ Paralegal Affiliate or an AAJ Attorney member in good standing. If you know someone would like to nominate, please submit a completed entry form to Jennifer Rafter at Entries will be accepted through Friday, May 26th.


(Download the 2017 Paralegal of the Year Award nomination form here)


The winner of the 2017 Paralegal of the Year Award will be selected by June 16th and will receive the award at AAJ’s 2017 Annual Convention on July 22-25th in Boston, Massachusetts. Complimentary airfare, hotel accommodations, and registration will be provided.


Advocate Capital, Inc. is the premier provider of strategic financial products and accounting services for successful trial law firms. It has served the plaintiff bar for more than 17 years from its headquarters in Nashville, TN and now enjoys a client base that extends nationwide. For more information, visit or call 1.877.894.9724.


Albert G. Stoll Jr. Achieves Justice



Albert G. StollAdvocate Capital friend and client, Albert G. Stoll, Jr.  represented a single mom and her three children in a gross negligence case against an owner of a 40-unit apartment complex. The owner of the complex had a long history of code violations and had previously been sued both civilly and criminally for substandard housing conditions. Despite previous lawsuits, warnings from city inspectors, multiple tenant complaints, and a previous felony conviction, the owner continued to ignore long established health and safety codes resulting in severe and permanent injuries to a mother and her two young children.


One early summer morning, the mother left two of the three children sleeping in the apartment while she took the oldest child to school. Shortly after the mother and oldest child left, one of the younger children awoke feeling dizzy. Feeling confused he made his way to the family room and sat on the couch. As he sat down, he experienced a burning pain on his backside. He then noticed then the kitchen was on fire and the apartment filled with smoke. He began yelling for his family that he was burning. By this time, his sister had awoken to the smell of burning plastic and smoke. Hearing her brother’s screams, she yelled out to her brother. The young boy was able to feel his way through the smoke-filled apartment, back to his bedroom where he met his sister. Covered in soot and realizing they were trapped in the apartment, the sister convinced her brother they needed to jump from the two-story bedroom window to escape the fire.   At the same time, the children were jumping to safety; the mom arrived back home finding her apartment on fire. She frantically raced into the burning apartment to search for her children. She made it to the young daughter’s bedroom only to realize her children had jumped to safety. She was able to escape the apartment but suffered smoke inhalation.


As a result of the fire, the two young children suffered severe internal and external burns and were placed in medically induced comas. The young boy suffered second, and third degree burns to his head, neck, face, arms, hands, torso, legs, buttocks, feet and internal respiratory burns. The young daughter suffered burns to her arms, scalp, and injury to her eyes.  The firefighters and medical personnel who treated the children stated they did not expect the young boy to survive due to the extent of his injuries.  The young boy has undergone twenty plus surgeries and will need future surgeries as he continues to grow.


The emotional, mental and physical pain and suffering of the young family could have been prevented if the owner had installed adequate smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. During the city’s investigation into the fire, multiple tenants complained of hazards in and around the property. The investigation would reveal an open gas leak in the common yard, no carbon monoxide detectors in any of the units, and 37 of the 40 units lacked smoke detectors in the bedrooms. The building did not have a system-wide alarm, and the majority of the units had malfunctioning stoves.


Despite the gross negligence on behalf of the apartment complex owner, the insurance company pushed for a trial, attempting to place blame on the tenants. Albert G. Stoll and his team took over 50 depositions; and hired eight different experts including the former State Fire Marshall. On the eve of trial, the insurance company settled for a seven-figure settlement.


A tragedy that did not have to happen if the owner would have taken the proper preventative measures. Advocate Capital, Inc. is proud to support trial lawyers like Albert G. Stoll Jr. as he pursues justice on behalf of his clients. Albert G. Stoll, Jr’s firm handles a variety of personal injury and employment law cases in the San Francisco Bay area. To learn more about Albert G. Stoll, Jr.’s firm and the outstanding results they have achieved, click here.



Meet Advocate Capital, Inc. Client Michael Cowen


Watch President and CEO Michael J. Swanson interview Attorney Michael Cowen of Cowen Mask Blanchard. Attorney Cowen says Advocate Capital, Inc.‘s case expense financing has helped his Texas firm get even better results for their clients.



Michelle Rigsby Newest Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor


Michelle Rigsby QuickbooksCongratulations to Michelle Rigsby on obtaining the QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor status.  With this additional milestone, Michelle will be even more effective assisting our law firm clients with routine account management expertise as well as practical accounting.


Michelle now joins Senior Vice President Donna Jones on the QuickBooks support team.  If you are an Advocate Capital, Inc. client, not only do you receive discounts on user licenses and software upgrades but free Quickbooks training and support as well.



If you have questions regarding your existing Advocate Capital account related to Quickbooks, please contact your Account Manager, call our office toll-free at 1-877-894-9724, or send us a message by clicking here.


If you are not an Advocate Capital, Inc. customer, we hope you join our family of clients very soon!



How To Grow Your Personal Injury Law Firm The RIGHT Way


Learn how to improve your business, so you can achieve better results for your clients. Join CEO and President Michael J. Swanson as he presents “How To Grow Your Personal Injury Law Firm The RIGHT Way” in a free webinar on April 12th. Plus, Mike will personally answer your questions.


Sign up for the April 12th webinar by clicking here. Once you register, you will receive a bonus download of a Growth Case Study. We look forward to seeing you there.


For your convenience, listed below are the April 12th Webinar times for each time zone.

  • 1:00 PM Central
  • 11:00 AM Pacific
  • 2:00 PM Eastern
  • 12:00 PM Mountain



“9 Hidden Costs” March Webinar

Authored By: Rachel Markin


Every day we hear from our clients about the benefits of using our strategic case expense funding program. It’s wonderful to know how our product has helped trial attorneys and their clients across the country.


We are pleased to announce a free webinar on March 8th with our President and CEO, Michael J. Swanson. The webinar will cover the “9 Hidden Costs of Self-Funding Your Case Expenses.” Mike will define important financial terms and personally answer questions about your firm’s needs.


The free “9 Hidden Costs of Self-Funding Your Case Expenses” webinar is a great opportunity for your firm and you to learn more about law firm finance. When you register for the webinar, you will also receive an instant download of Sample Fee Agreement Language.


Space is limited. Click here to reserve your spot now. :






Public Justice Seeks Nominations for Illuminating Injustice Award


Authored By: Iris Garrett

Public Justice

We here at Advocate Capital, Inc. are proud to partner with law firms across the country who fight for justice and help protect our seventh amendment rights. The attorneys we work with represent clients in a variety of areas, whether it’s wrongful death, workers’ compensation, or personal injury; and though they work hard to win every case, not all of their cases have an equal path to justice. Roadblocks like tort reform, mandatory arbitration and preemption often undervalue the efforts of plaintiff lawyers and keep them from helping injured victims and their families get the just compensation they deserve.


Public Justice, a law firm dedicated to the public interest, wants to shed light on this subject with its Illuminating Injustice Award. The award recognizes an individual whose case, like many others, didn’t quite pan out due to roadblocks like those mentioned above. If you or someone you know represented a client who suffered a severe injury, but was only able to receive a partial recovery (or none at all), that victim may be eligible to receive the award. Please fill out this form to nominate that victim for this special honor. The deadline for 2017 nominations is Friday, March 31st.


Public Justice is hoping the Illuminating Injustice Award raises awareness of these types of unfortunate events and prompts additional monetary help for the winning individual. They will present the award in July at the firm’s Gala and Awards Dinner in Boston, Massachusetts. The winner of Public Justice’s Trial Lawyer of the Year Award will also be announced at the event.


If you would like to learn more information on the Illuminating Injustice Award, click here.


Now Hiring: Marketing Coordinator

Copyright : Yong Hian Lim


Advocate Capital, Inc. is currently recruiting for a new Marketing Coordinator to add to our MetroCenter (Nashville, TN) office.


A successful candidate will offer administrative support to our Marketing Department including database maintenance, email and direct mail campaigns, market research, tradeshow and other events coordination, video shoot coordination, etc.


If you are interested, please submit your resume for consideration to


You can view the job posting on LinkedIn here:


Tina Burns

Vice President


Facebook Live: Your Free TV Spot


Authored By: Iris Garrett


Facebook Live: Your Free TV SpotIf you have a Facebook page but haven’t tried using Facebook Live yet, you could be letting a valuable marketing tool go to waste. Think about it: Facebook Live allows users, businesses, and yes, law firms to present streaming news and information to thousands of people… without having to go through any other source.


In an article in Above the Law, Kevin O’Keefe says that “Live” broadcasts also easily trump the traditional video broadcast: television. He says all the work that goes into getting yourself a little onscreen time (hiring public relations professionals, connecting with network or local reporters, looking for an opportunity to present an evergreen story or message) is unnecessary when you could simply go live to a target audience on Facebook. He says in reality, your hard-pressed TV spot may not even be seen, and you would have wasted all that time and money.


Additionally, O’Keefe says that Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg is promoting Facebook Live more than any other service on the social media site. Every few weeks a new update or feature for the tool pops up. For instance, if you post a Facebook Live video right now, it will not only appear at the top of the site’s mobile app, but it will also be displayed as an easily accessible video icon at the bottom of the screen.


O’Keefe says for lawyers that want to reach a target or niche audience, Facebook Live is a huge market of potential. Streaming videos allows you to engage with people who then like, comment, and share those videos with others. O’Keefe says Facebook Live is not only a seamless service, but it is where the world is headed, and law firms would be well served to head in that same direction.


If you would like to read Kevin O’Keefe’s full article, click here.


Copyright: Yulia Grogoryeva

39,603,497 Reasons: Wellness Results




2016 Wellness ResultsIf you follow our daily blog, you have seen several entries touting the progress of the Wellness Program we launched on April 1, 2016 and our partnership with Walkingspree.


All 36 of our employees participated in the program and our collective results are quite impressive!








Here are some highlights:

  • We took over 39 MILLION steps from April 1st to December 31st. Let’s take a moment to put this into perspective.
    • That is more than 19,000 miles
    • That is the equivalent of walking around the moon twice
    • We collectively burned 1.9 million calories
  • We collectively averaged 7,400 steps per day
  • 18% of our participating employees lost weight

We are so pleased with our results, which do not even represent a full year of program participation.  Starting your own wellness program is not as daunting as it would seem.  If you are intrigued and are thinking doing something similar for your firm would benefit your employees, please let me know.  I am happy share our program strategy, best practices and key learnings.


We are already off to a fast start in 2017 and we will keep walking!


Photo Credit: lzflzf

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