Mississippi’s Don Barrett Secures $84.9M Settlement for Truckers


Advocate Capital, Inc. client Don BarrettA Federal Judge in Arkansas recently approved an $84.9M settlement in the Pilot Flying J scandal.   The case centered on more than 5,500 truckers who were promised rebates by Pilot Flying J, the nation’s largest retailer of diesel fuel, but never paid the promised rebates.    Owners of Pilot reportedly had no knowledge of the alleged scheme, and worked with Plaintiffs’ attorneys to make things right with the truckers.


Attorney Don Barrett who represented truckers said, “…we couldn’t have had this result in this short amount of time had Jimmy Haslam not stepped up to the plate, said he was going to do the right thing in an honorable way and he did it….”


Attorney Don Barrett’s firm is known  for taking on corporate giants such as big tobacco, Ford and Firestone, food manufactures and countless others to ensure justice on behalf of consumers.   This time he was leading the charge on behalf of truck drivers.  With expert negotiation skills and the eye of a tiger, determined to see a fair settlement for these workers, Mr. Barrett was able to secure a settlement of $89.4M for truck drivers who have dedicated their lives, on the road day-in and day-out, to serving manufactures, retailers and consumers.


Advocate Capital, Inc. is proud to support the great work of trial lawyers like Mr. Barrett and his team of experts who work tirelessly every day to ensure justice on behalf of consumers.


Lisa Wagner

Senior Vice President, Client Services


Tobacco Lawyer, Don Barrett Fighting to Impact Behavior in Food Industry


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Advocate Capital friend and client Don Barrett, renowned for his success in leading the fight in the tobacco litigation is now focusing on making an impact on behavior in the food industry.  The issue is misbranded food labels.  Under Federal Law, if a product is misbranded, it cannot be sold and that is exactly where Mr. Barrett’s focus lies, ensuring that consumers are armed with the truth about food and products they consume.


BBC News recently posted a must watch video piece titled “Big Tobacco lawyers target food industry”.  In the video Newsnight’s science editor, Susan Watts talks with Don Barrett investigating what is behind his new focus on the food industry.  In the video, Ms. Watts also talks with Dr. Kelly Brownell, one of the world’s leading experts on obesity and public health at Yale University. They discuss ongoing research on the relationship between processed food and diet related illness, including leading research on the concept of food and addiction.


The bottom line is that consumers have a right to know the truth about what they are consuming.  Mr. Barrett says it well, “there’s one thing that Corporate America pays attention to, and that’s getting hit in the pocketbook.  It’s all about profit and only when you affect their profit will you affect their behavior and we intend to do that.”


Thank you to Mr. Barrett and his team of experts who continue to fight for consumers’ rights no matter how big the opposition.



Lisa Wagner
Senior Vice President, Client Services


Mississippi Trial Lawyer Don Barrett Leading the Way Again


Advocate Capital, Inc. client Don BarrettIf the name Don Barrett sounds familiar to you, there’s reason.  Pictured here, sitting at his desk with a portrait of his daughter hanging in the background, Don Barrett is the quintessential American family man.  Mr. Barrett is also one of America’s preeminent trial lawyers, willing and ready to take on even the biggest challenges with endless passion if it means protecting his family and yours – American consumers.  Among his more notable victories are the Ford Explorer Rollover MDL litigation and the tobacco litigation that brought about the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement with the tobacco industry.


Recently, Mr. Barrett and his team of experts were part of the topic of a New York Times front page article.  The article, Lawyers From Suits Against Big Tobacco Target Food Makers, discusses one of a number of important fights the Firm is pursuing on behalf of American consumers.  Mr. Barrett and his team are now holding the food industry accountable.  At the heart of the claims against food makers such as ConAgra Foods, PepsiCo., Heinz, General Mills and Chobani, are misleading food labels which according to Plaintiffs violate federal regulations by wrongly labeling products and ingredients.  For those who think these claims are frivolous, think again.  Food labeling is subject to federal oversight for a reason – to both warn and protect consumers from potential harm.  Ingredients that may seem innocuous at first blush can be poisonous to people with diabetes and food allergies.  “Food companies will argue that these are harmless crimes — the tobacco companies said the same thing,” Mr. Barrett said. “But to diabetics and some other people, sugar is just as deadly as poison.”


At Advocate Capital, Inc., we understand and applaud the important work being done on behalf of consumers by successful trial lawyers across the country. Without trial lawyers to hold corporations accountable, consumers are at the mercy of corporate officials who are paid to focus on one single objective, shareholder profit.


Thank you to Don Barrett and his team for having the passion and the courage to take on even the largest of industries on behalf of American consumers.  To learn more about other important work being done at Barrett Law Group on behalf of consumers, visit the Barrett Law Group website.


Lisa Wagner
Vice President, Client Services


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