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The AdvoTrac® Case Expense Funding Service

Are you still using your firm’s after-tax profits to fund your advanced case costs? There is a better way. Since 1999, our AdvoTrac® Case Expense Funding Service has helped successful law firms get even better results for their clients. Our proprietary technology tracks borrowing costs case-by-case, allowing our clients the ability to pass through the borrowing costs directly to their case resulting in a net cost to their firm of less than 1% per year, and ZERO for those cases they win. Our clients have maximized their case efficiency, shortened their close time, and stabilized their cash flow. Update your fee agreement language today and contact us with questions.

The end result was a multi-million dollar recovery. The resources provided by Advocate Capital allowed me to spare no...

Patrick A. Cruise , Attorney

The flexibility of Advocate’s finance programs makes it easy for us to sayyes to new clients and matters. They have b...

Joel Rothman , Managing Partner

As a small law firm, we are better able to focus on what the case needs to maximize its value, without spending so mu...

Dennis B. Hill , Owner

I love working with them, because they understand the litigation business and the need for efficient access to capita...

Kyle Schneberg , President/Attorney

While at the time my young firm did not yet qualify for their services, the Advocate Capital team was very encouragin...

Eric L. Toscano, Esq. , Managing Attorney

They provide all the accounting you need to simplify bookkeeping. Accessing information and funds in AdvoTrac® is a b...

Wilkie Cheong , Partner

Easy to use, great customer service, and overall good people who want to help our firms grow. Using this service has...

Seth Smiley , Managing Partner

We rely upon Advocate to provide timely case expense financing for some of our key cases. We value and appreciate our...

Diane Rames , Law Office Administrator

Our firm has been working with Advocate Capital for over a year. We are extremely pleased with how they have been abl...

Peter M. Steinberg , Owner

Advocate Capital has been a vital partner to our firm and we appreciate the level of service they provide. Our experi...

Christian Scranton , President
Total Capital Advanced Since 1999 = $1,477,566,522.22
Total Transactions Processed = 27,782,794
** As of 12/1/22 - Subject to Change

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Founded in 1999, we are a team of businesspeople who are passionate about helping plaintiff attorneys get even better results for their clients. As Seventh Amendment advocates, we are always looking for ways to encourage, educate and support our law firm partners as they pursue justice on their clients’ behalf.

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Employee Spotlight: Kaila Davenport

The Advocate Capital, Inc. Employee Spotlight Award recognizes team members who personify our Company's Core Values. We believe actions count – not what's on paper. From our hiring philosophy to our client service, our goal is to demonstrate our values in every interaction: In...

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