It’s Your Money

What would you do with your money if you got it back?

It’s your money! You earned it and paid taxes on it…so you can do whatever you want with it. Here are a few ideas…


  • The value of the cash you have tied up in case expenses is actually shrinking due to inflation. Plus there is a very real opportunity cost of not investing that cash in an earning asset.
  • As an example, the chart below shows the difference over time between leaving your cash in your cases at 0% return versus investing that cash in a tax-deferred investment account that earns 5%.

  • College savings for your children.
  • Expand your firm.
  • Hire more staff.
  • Buy equipment.
  • Take on additional cases.
  • Advertise more.

Case Expense Financing at a Net Cost of Less Than 1%*

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