Here are a few testimonials from some of our clients around the country. Not sure if Advocate Capital, Inc., is right for your firm?  See what some of your colleagues think of our service and the impact it has had on their ability to achieve justice on behalf of their clients.


“Reliable and Professional.”
Dr. Elliot Grysen, Owner, Grysen and Associates


“Advocate Capital has been a true stress reliever for my business operation management. As a fast growing firm, the expenses per case can consume a substantial portion of my capital. Advocate Capital has totally relieved that worry. This group has totally freed  up my practice, and I have nothing but great things to say about Advocate. Also, their software is easy to use, precise, and worry free. I am very grateful for your services.”

John Griffith, Attorney/Founder/Member, GriffithLaw, PLLC


“I acquired my law practice less than a year ago from the retiring owner. I had to pay a 1/3rd referral fee on the full case inventory I inherited. Giving up 1/3rd across the board in my first year of business was a difficult proposition. The Advocate Flexline provided me with the flexibility to hire a new staff, manage cash flow, and invest in a robust marketing campaign which allowed me to bridge the gap to the following year where I have a fresh case inventory. The AdvoTrac Case Expense Funding Service also allowed me to work up my complex cases the right way. I’m not hesitant to invest in expensive experts who are going to bring tremendous value to my case in the long run. Moreover, what is so unique about Advocate Capital, is that they break down each client expense advance per case. No bank lender is willing to do that.”

Joseph J. Russo, Owner/Managing Partner, Injury Law Group, PLLC


“Our practice involves complex civil litigation which frequently has significant capital requirements. Advocate Capital, Inc. has played an important role in allowing us to vigorously represent our clients against very powerful and well-financed adversaries.

Advocate Capital, Inc. has always been responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Don Barrett, Owner/Managing Partner, Barrett Law Group, P.A.


“Advocate Capital provides the case funding I need at a reasonable cost. This frees up my cash flow to pay overhead. I was a partner in a large law firm for several years, but am now a sole practitioner. Advocate Capital is a great resource for sole practitioners like myself because they provide resources for us that are often only available to groups of attorneys. Their system makes funding, payment, and accounting seamless and fast. Interest can be charged back to clients as a case expense so long as your state’s ethics rules allow this and you include this in your client contract. I highly recommend Advocate Capital.”

Michael Parks, Attorney at Law


“Advocate Capital is great. They have great customer service. They have given our firm freedom and peace of mind in many respects so we can work on prosecuting our clients’ cases and getting them the best results possible.”

Chelsea Dickerson, Principal, Dickerson Oxton, LLC 


“I just want you to know that you guys have made a big difference by choosing to support me three years ago. It meant a lot to me. While I was a partner in other firms I thought, “If I ran things, I would do it this way…”, but I always worried about whether I could support a business of my own. During the application process with Advocate Capital, the simple act of putting together the fees that I had generated over the years made me see what I generated over the past few years, and how much I would need to carry in order to operate my own firm. The application process alone gave me more confidence and now I’m doing three to four times that much! I will always appreciate Advocate for that.”

Genie Harrison, Esq., Lead Trial Attorney, Genie Harrison Law Firm


“Since using Advocate Capital, our turn around of requesting, paying for, and receiving information needed to work our files is so much quicker, resulting in faster settlement and resolving our cases.”

Nancy Patterson, Bookkeeper, Pfeifer Morgan & Stesiak


“Our California boutique law firm has worked with Advocate Capital for many years. We have found the company to be very professional, credible and reliable with an understanding of the needs and objectives of trial lawyers. Due to their support, we have been able to expand our practice and assist a wide variety of injured claimants throughout the United States.

The representative with whom we have worked for most of our association of the firm has been Donna Jones, Senior Vice President. Donna is an outstanding company representative who has always timely followed through on our needs and concerns. She follows up on our financial requests in a timely and thorough way with a “can do” attitude that law firms need and appreciate. She is an astute and knowledgeable business woman who is a valued asset to Advocate Capital and the legal community. I recommend Advocate Capital for your financial needs without reservation.”

James T. Capretz, Esq., Principal, Capretz & Associates


“I have been working with Advocate Capital for many years. This group does an excellent job with their customer service and availability to clients. Their program allows our firm to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients and ensure that we are doing everything we can to represent them. It allows us to hire the experts we need for large and intricate cases. We have been very pleased with this program and would recommend it to other firms.”

J. Edward Bell, III, Senior Partner, Bell Legal Group


“Advocate Capital has provided the ability to manage cash flow in a more efficient manner. The website is very easy to use and provides real time data.  Any requests for transfers or payments are posted immediately and the reporting is extremely helpful to document the transaction detail.

The staff has been great to work with and have accommodated any request needed to ease the process of recording the data in to the client’s books.

As a CPA working with the attorney / client, implementing Advocate’s program has been an important step in managing client expenses and recouping expenses in a more timely manner versus waiting for case settlement.  I highly recommend Advocate Capital, Inc.”

Vandana Faust, CPA, Michael D. Ponce & Associates, PLLC


“I have been using Advocate Capital since 2014. They’re easy to use and consumer friendly interface allows me access to working capital to invest more heavily into my clients’ cases. As any personal injury lawyer knows, investing your time and your energy into proper thorough expert reviews often make the different between success and failure in this business. Advocate Capital has allowed me to push my cases faster and reach earlier and higher settlements. The system allows me to properly and conveniently track the interest costs for each client matter and recoup those costs. I am extremely happy with the service I receive and recommend Advocate Capital to my colleagues!”

Kevin Kuehner, Member, Kuehner Law Firm, PLLC


“Advocate Capital has had such a positive impact on our firm that I wish we would have started using them a long time ago.  They are a true partner and they understand the unique financial needs of a Plaintiff firm. The flexibility of their program allows us to extend the most aggressive representation to all of our clients.  I would highly recommend them to any firm who routinely advances costs on behalf of clients.”

Thomas Greer, Partner, Bailey & Greer PLLC 


“Case funding with Advocate Capital has been one of the best decisions our firm has made.  It has allowed us to give the best possible representation to our clients by granting us the financial freedom to hire the finest experts.  No longer are we concerned about how to finance a case to oppose the large defense firms with deep pockets.  Thanks to Advocate Capital we can go toe to toe with the defense without the worry of increasing litigation costs.  Aside from the benefit to our cases, Advocate Capital has been exceptionally easy to work with, always ready to answer any questions and make case funding as simple as possible.”

Phillip T. Vondra, Attorney, Law Offices of Vondra & Hanna


“Advocate Capital has been the most effective decision we have made in growing our practice. We don’t hesitate to take on larger, more complex cases and we are on even footing with our well-funded adversaries. Finally, the customer service at Advocate Capital is great!”

Joseph DePaola, Owner, DePaola Valdes, L.L.P. 


“I believe that having legal funding available for case expenses increases the average person’s access to justice.  I have been using funding for legal case expenses since I started my own firm in 1998.  The firm has grown exponentially since then, and I can say without reservation that we owe a significant part of our success to Advocate Capital.

Initially, I used another legal funding company, but the administrative requirements and ever-changing complexities of their funding plans began to frustrate me.  If I can’t understand it, I certainly can’t explain it to a client.

Since we began using Advocate in 2003, I have been impressed by their professionalism and willingness to assist us with our questions and concerns.  They are consistent, stable, and friendly. I no longer worry about being overwhelmed by the unlimited litigation budgets of huge corporations and insurance companies, and I am able to take cases knowing that I cannot be put at a disadvantage due to inability to fund the expenses.

I wholeheartedly recommend them to other Plaintiffs’ firms and Plaintiffs’ attorneys. If anyone would like to discuss my experience with Advocate, please contact me at (512) 474-7677.”

Daniel Ross, Owner, Ross Law P.C.


“I have been funding my firm’s case costs with Advocate Capital since 2006. Using the Advocate case expense funding program is a vital part of my high-volume workers compensation practice. Having Advocate fund the case costs and track the interest allows me to concentrate on getting the best results for my injured clients. When asked about the interest pass through at the end of the case, I simply advise the client(s), “This is not the Bank of Frank. I provide the best representation and advance the costs – you pay the interest at the end of the case.” It’s a win-win situation for all. The custom software, internet access to our account 24/7, and customer service team are best in class.”

Frank Burns, Principal, J. Franklin Burns, P.C.


“Advocate Capital is fantastic, everything runs smoothly. It’s painless and requires less paperwork than my mortgage. I love AdvoTrac®.”

Kenya Cantrell, Litigation Paralegal, Flynn Law Firm, LLC


“Advocate Capital lets me be an attorney, not a banker.”

Aaron Marks, Principal/Attorney, Marks Law Group, LLC


“We appreciate the customer service and how easy it is to work with Advocate Capital.”

Jason Neufeld, Attorney, Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA


“Advocate Capital has become an integral part of our firm’s business practice and a fiscally responsible solution to the management and development of our clients’ interests. Advocate Capital provides tremendous flexibility and the means to develop fully our clients’ cases and maximize recoveries on their behalf. I would strongly recommend them to any law firm looking to strengthen their firm’s operational ability.”

Sam C. Rumph, III, Partner, Rumph Childers, LLC


“After working with Advocate Capital for the past several years, they have helped allow our office to give 110% to every case we decide to fund. Lisa Wagner is the best representative to work with and is always on hand to answer any questions we have. Advocate Capital truly understands how a plaintiff’s firm operates and continues to make technological advances through their website and add capabilities to help streamline our needs. Thank you!”

Jason Chandler, Director of Operations, Frenkel & Frenkel, LLP


“Since I started with Advocate Capital, my firm’s profitability has increased. This is because my working capital is not being tied up in case expenses. My clients are getting representation and my firm is making more money. It is a win-win.”

Jeremy Rosenthal, CEO, Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal


“Over the course of our 20 year existence,  L&B has had occasion to engage the services of a number of legal funding companies. By far, the most professional, most organized, most lawyer friendly  company has been Advocate Capital.  Their funding requirements are consistent and fair.  Their advanced technology capability makes your own record keeping simple and concise. They provide you with a very hands-on and capable support staff.  Advocate Capital has  been a very important part of our success.”

Greg La Sorsa, Owner, La Sorsa & Beneventano


“Working with Advocate Capital has truly changed our business.  The financing has given us the ability to to work with the very best experts to maximize the value of our cases, allowing us to focus on helping our clients.  We no longer worry about day to day cash flow issues or whether we can afford the expert we want to hire.  The result is a direct benefit to our clients and better results.”

Michele Vaughan, Owner, Boller & Vaughan, LLC


“Advocate Capital has been an invaluable partner in the growth and prosperity of my law firm. They have earned my loyalty because of the personal service they provided during our 13 year relationship. They were incredibly helpful in handling the numerous complexities which arose when my ex law partner and I dissolved our former law firm.  Advocate Capital made a difficult process as painless as possible.”

Jason Pottenger, Principal, The Pottenger Law Firm, LLC


“We have worked with Advocate Capital for the past several years, finding them to be a reliable and beneficial resource for our firm.  They have shown a solid understanding of the legal business often not found in other lending facilities.  Because of Advocate we are able to fund our caseload at a level that allows for maximum recoveries on behalf of our clients.  We appreciate their easy to access service, the dedication they have shown to our firm, and the great people on their staff.  We highly recommend Advocate Capital.”

John Winer, Partner, Winer, McKenna & Burritt, LLP


“Working with Advocate Capital over the past 15 years has truly been of benefit to my practice. As a personal injury firm, my cases are taken on a contingency basis and I do not worry about having to finance all of the expenses associated with preparing a case for settlement. Our operating capital is freed up for office operations rather than financing case costs. Advocate Capital provides my firm with the cash needed to properly fund our clients’ cases, and does so efficiently, promptly and professionally. Being able to to obtain information for payoff quotes using Advocate’s online service allows my office immediate access to vital information. The efficiency Advocate handles advance requests is a testament to their organization and I would highly recommend any law practice utilize their services.”

Harry Bates, Principal, Harry S. Bates, P.C.


“Advocate Capital has been indispensable to the success of our practice.  They are extraordinarily organized, timely, and easy to work with.  They make advancing costs on personal injury cases an afterthought instead of a constant worry.  I have since had other businesses attempt to finance our firm, and none could offer me the immediate and easy internet access, service and painless accounting that they do, and at better rates!  I highly, highly recommend trying them.  Once you do, you’ll save so much time and effort that you’ll never look back.  ”

Erik Child, Principal, Child & Jackson, A Professional Law Corporation


“Changing to Advocate Capital absolutely changed my practice. I went from having cases go the speed that I needed, instead of the speed that I could afford that month. I never realized how much that made a difference in the amount of cases I could take and the speed with which I could get them done until I did not have to finance my own costs anymore.  When you have a really good case, it makes a difference to the other side when you can disclose all your witnesses with finalized reports all at once.  The best strategy for getting a case resolved is to have it ready to try. When you can get all your ducks in a row with Advocate Capital’s help like this, it makes a big difference.

I can honestly say that going to Advocate Capital has changed my level of service to my clients greatly, and it has also increased my profitability as well.  I have never had a client complain about the added interest costs.  I have many letters of thanks from people who appreciated how I moved their case along.  I expect to work with Advocate for a long time.”

Scott Hoy, Principal, Hoy Trial Lawyers, Prof. LLC


“Good people to work with, who really understand plaintiff’s practice, problems and issues. Flexible and reasonable; we hope to have a long and mutually productive relationship. Thanks!”

Gerald C. Sterns, Partner, Sterns & Walker


“Advocate Capital has helped me help more clients. After reading Mike’s book, How David Beats Goliath, I realized that I should not be using my own ‘after-tax’ dollars to fund my cases. It gives me peace of mind to know that I have a funding source for my large, expensive cases which may take years to resolve. The team at Advocate is very customer focused. It has been an A++ experience.”

Kay Van Wey, Owner, Van Wey Law, PLLC


“Advocate Capital has allowed our Firm greater flexibility in going toe-to-toe with large insurance companies in high-stakes litigation such as medical malpractice.  Through case expense funding our Firm has been better able to manage the financial ups-and-downs often experienced by small contingency-fee firms like ours.”

John Moore, Principal, Brown, Moore & Associates, PLLC


“I recently opened my own practice and knew that the financing of personal injury files could be problematic for a start-up solo practitioner. I met a member of Advocate Capital, Inc. at an AAJ seminar and they provided me with exactly what I was looking for – the ability to borrow money to fund specific personal injury files without the need to micromanage the interest charge on each and every file. Their website and software keep track as to what exactly is owed on each particular file at any given time. Not only am I able to borrow money at the click of a button on their website, I am also able to get an immediate payoff figure and pay off an individual file’s balance at the click of a button. I would highly recommend this to any start-up personal injury practice.”

John Bazzurro, Owner, Law Offices of John T. Bazzurro, LLC


“I have been very pleased with Advocate Capital and have used Advocate for many years.  I find the people there easy to work with, and the funding helps me manage case costs.”

Steve Krafchick, Principal, Krafchick Law Firm PLLC


“Before Advocate, I averaged about one seven-figure settlement per year.  In the last twelve months, I have settled 5 cases in the seven-figures.   Before Advocate Capital,  I was never in a position to prosecute multiple big cases with six-figure expense budgets at the same time.  Now I have the freedom to push multiple big cases at once, and the results have been fantastic. In short, I love Advocate, and am grateful for the part you are playing in my success.”

Michael Cowen, Owner, The Cowen Law Group


“We’ve been clients of Advocate Capital for many years, and are very pleased with the resources they provide to our law firm. As a personal injury firm, we take cases on contingency. Advocate Capital provides us with the cash needed to properly fund our clients’ cases, and does so efficiently, promptly and professionally. I absolutely recommend Advocate Capital to any personal injury firm who is looking to expand their caseload.”

Jeff Rasansky, Principal Attorney, Rasansky Law Firm


“We have been very impressed with the service from Advocate Capital. They treated us with care and respect. Having them on board has greatly improved our ability to push cases by giving us the freedom to invest as much as we need to in them. We highly recommend Advocate Capital.”

Matt Meyerkord, Owner, Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott, LLC


“Advocate Capital enables me to grow in quality and quantity.  My war chest for client costs doubled over night.   We  now handle more cases, and spend more money on those cases, adding value to our clients.  Money that was previously set aside for client cost advances is now free and as a result, we hired two more employees.  Advocate Capital makes my life easier; I was in the dark before and now I see the light.  Thank you.”

Edmond El Dabe, Principal, El Dabe Law Firm


“Advocate Capital has provided excellent services to my firm and its clients since 2010.  What makes them special is that they — in stark contrast to your average bank — understand what we do and have products and customer service that are designed to fulfill our actual needs.”

Jeremy D. Pasternak, Principal, Law Offices of Jeremy D. Pasternak, A Professional Corporation


“We are a small personal injury law firm. Advocate Capital has enabled us to promptly fund the costs necessary to assure that our case preparation, including expert witness retention is thorough, timely and effective. Our operating capital is freed up for office operation rather than financing case costs. The interest rates are very reasonable. We pass these interest costs on to the client when the case resolves, with no complaint from any client. Advocate Capital has enabled my firm to do our work more efficiently and capably. I strongly recommend Advocate Capital.”

Keith Galliher, President, The Galliher Law Firm


“We are steadfast customers of Advocate Capital.  Our relationship with this lender is built on trust.  We are very conservative when it comes to our law firm finances.  Advocate Capital understands this and provides us with the comfort to know that we stand together.  They take the time to understand our practice and our needs.  I couldn’t ask for more.”

Joel Rhine, Partner, Rhine Martin Law Firm, P.C.


“I have been working with Advocate Capital for 3 years and I am very pleased with their services. Advocate capital allows attorneys who work on contingency to have necessary cash flow that usually is the biggest problem for us.  They are very professional and very easy to work with. The process is very efficient and simple and allows my firm to keep track of all of the costs and interest for each case without any additional work and hassle.  I highly recommend their services.”

Anna Dubrovsky, President, Anna Dubrovsky, Inc.


“I would like to sincerely thank Advocate Capital for their generous gift to Trial Lawyer College®. This gift further demonstrates Advocate Capital’s commitment to our civil justice system and to ensuring that the doors to the Courthouse are open to everyone.”

John Sloan of Longview/Houston, TX, President, The Trial Lawyers College


“My law firm has been working with Advocate Capital since February 2012. With the advance funds, our firm has been able to take on bigger cases that would be more expensive to litigate, but that ultimately bring in more lucrative settlements and verdicts. This benefits our clients and keeps our firm going strong. I’d highly recommend Advocate Capital.”

Cheryl Console, Financial Controller, Console & Hollawell


“Our firm has partnered with with Advocate Capital since 2010. I continue to be impressed with the professionalism of the company and its staff members. Their willingness to blog case results and other accomplishments of the firm and its members has been an added benefit. Thank you Advocate Capital for all you do.”

Kevin B. Fullen, Firm Administrator, Sloan, Bagley, Hatcher & Perry


“I have been working with Advocate Capital for the last year.  During that time, I have been very impressed with the professionalism of its entire staff.  They do a great job of communicating with their clients and make you feel like a they are a part of your team.  As a result of their assistance, I have been able to assume leadership roles in two nationally significant mass tort cases.  Without Advocate Capital, that would not have been possible.  Thank you Advocate Capital.”

Mark Underwood, Owner, Underwood Law Offices


“I can’t say enough good things about Advocate Capital. They have allowed our firm to handle larger, more financially demanding cases than we could have ever pursued before. As a result, we have increased our income and gotten better results for our clients. Most importantly, I can’t say enough good things about the people that work there. Every single person has been friendly and helpful. They truly take a personalized approach to their business relationships. For example, Leese called one day and was told I was out of the office because I was getting married. To my surprise when I returned to the office, I found a wedding gift waiting for me from the great staff at Advocate! That gesture epitomizes the way they do business. I highly recommend them to any lawyer who wants to grow their practice and enjoy the financial freedom to do so.”


David L. McCollum, Partner, McCollum & Griggs, LLC.

“When I opened my plaintiffs’ medical malpractice law firm in upstate New York in April, 2013, I was facing a challenge, namely,funding the substantial case expenses of our malpractice lawsuits without depleting my personal savings. Fortunately, I found Advocate Capital.

While bankers do not recognize the monetary value of contingent-fee, personal injury and medical malpractice cases, I found a receptive and understanding ear with Lynne M. Cushing, a business development manager with Advocate Capital. Lynne expressed understanding about my financial needs during a difficult transition time for my new firm and treated me like a friend and ally throughout the process.

Today, having worked with Lynne M. Cushing and Advocate Capital for ten months, the funding of case expenses has been seamless and this has helped the cash flow for my new firm. I do not hesitate  to hire the top medical experts and create cutting-edge medical exhibits for my trials with the help of funding from Advocate Capital. The main beneficiaries have been our disabled clients. I am lucky to work with Advocate Capital as a partner for our cases!

If you’re considering a third-party lender for case expenses, you will not find a better and more understanding partner than Advocate Capital.”

John H. Fisher, President, John H. Fisher, P.C.


“Advocate Capital has improved our financial operations associated with funding cases. It is a pleasure working with everyone at Advocate Capital. The attention you get feels as though you are #1. They have been great to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone who advances case costs.”

Christopher Banys, Founder, Banys, P.C.


“We have been very pleased with Advocate Capital’s services. They have helped us to expand our practice and achieve the best results on behalf of our clients. Our firm would highly recommend Advocate Capital to any firm seeking financial assistance.”

Lauren Keeling, Marketing Director, Atkins & Markoff


“Advocate Capital has greatly improved our financial operations and helped even out the unpredictable cash flow problems associated with funding cases.  Their customer service is first rate, and they make you feel as if you are their most important client.  I have no regrets about partnering with Advocate Capital.

John Hawkins, President and Owner of The Hawkins Law Firm, Greenville/Spartanburg, South Carolina


“I have been a very happy client of Advocate Capital for 10 years. With the financial support Advocate Capital provides, my office can go toe to toe with the most well-heeled defendants and insurance carriers. This allows me to focus on results and not worry about financing for a very good case. Working with Advocate Capital could not be easier and my clients have never had a problem with having the interest expense of financing their case costs passed on to them.”

John P. Rosenberg, Attorney At Law, Law Offices of John P. Rosenberg, PLC


“Our small firm faced a serious financial challenge in supporting our growing personal injury practice, primarily due to the economic realities of having to advance litigation expenses for our clients.  Our attorney fee revenue was great, but it was just going right back out the door to fund clients’ cases!  When we researched case funding institutions, Advocate Capital stood out head and shoulders above all the rest.  Advocate provided us with a workable solution to meet the challenge and helped our small firm remain competitive in an already competitive market dominated by big personal injury mill firms.  More importantly, Advocate has provided our firm with the financial backing that our clients need to do battle with the big insurance companies and self-insureds.  They really have helped David beat Goliath!  On top of getting the job done, all of the folks at Advocate were accessible, friendly, honest, and just a pleasure to work with.   Thanks Advocate Capital for helping make our small law firm a big success!”

Lucas T. Baker, President, Baker Billick, P.A.


“As a new client of Advocate Capital, I have been extremely impressed with their professionalism and with how responsive they have been to inquiries.  I checked them out carefully prior to signing up, and heard nothing but positive reviews. Those reviews, so far, have been spot on.”

Lyle M. Gregory, Attorney/Owner, Gregory and Associates


“Advocate Capital, Inc., has been a partner of our firm for over a year. They have provided our offices with fantastic professional services and we would recommend them to everyone in the legal field.”

Steven Schwartz, Managing Partner, Joel H. Schwartz, P.C.



“Advocate Capital, Inc. has been enormously beneficial to the ongoing efficient operation and management of our practice by allowing us to concentrate on practicing law and moving our cases on a timely basis. As a result of the disbursement financing provided by Advocate Capital, Inc., we no longer have to concern ourselves with cash flow issues in relation to timely outlay of expert fees and other case expenses. More importantly, Advocate Capital Inc. has created its own user friendly tracking system and software which provides exacting information concerning all monies borrowed with the fees and interest being charged so there is total transparency and never a question leaving you or your clients in the dark. Most of all, the staff and representatives of the company sincerely strive to assist you in any way they can and are always accessible in every way. Thank you for making our stressful profession a little less stressful.”

Ira Perlman, Partner, Law Offices of Ira M. Perlman and Robert D. Rosen


“Advocate Capital, Inc. has transformed the finances of our practice by removing the fear of paying for cases that cost a lot of money. Now, we have the freedom to represent all of our clients to the fullest.”

Gary Massey, Jr., Owner, Massey & Associates, PC


“Advocate Capital is a great resource for our firm. In today’s fast-paced environment combined with our large case loads, we need easy access and responses. Advocate Capital has a superior staff that is fast, friendly and professional. Requesting funds is an easy and simple process that doesn’t take loads of time or paperwork. Their funding allows our firm to carry more case loads resulting in more profits. We would recommend Advocate Capital to anyone, they always exceed expectations!!”

Cathy Donohoe, Owner, Donohoe & Stapleton, L.L.C.


“Advocate Capital has assisted my practice for several years. Their service and commitment are without equal. Using the credit facility they provide allows my practice to quickly meet all its case expense funding obligations so that we can fully document a client’s losses and acquire the evidence we need to establish liability. With the assistance of Advocate Capital, we never have to worry about monthly cash flow issues affecting our ability to meet the needs of our clients.”

Jack Todd Ivey, Owner, Ivey Law Firm, P.C.


“Advocate Capital has been a invaluable resource for our clients and for our law firm. The folks at Advocate Capital have always been helpful, friendly and responsive. They have been great to work with and we would recommend them to any other law firms.”

Garrett Handy, Principal Attorney, Handy and Handy, P.C. 


“It is a great pleasure to work with the staff at Advocate Capital. Everyone has a wonderful approach to each matter and is always helpful. Advocate capital has been a huge benefit to our firm since day one and we are extremely grateful for them.”

Valerie L. Rodrigue, Paralegal to John J. Finckbeiner, Jr., The Law Office of John J. Finckbeiner, Jr.


“Advocate Capital is very easy to work with. The funding process is simple and everyone is very professional. It’s a relief being able to pay the bills in a timely matter without worrying about cash flow. I would definitely recommend Advocate Capital to any firms considering funding their cases.”

Elena Magill, Bookkeeper, Magill Law Offices


“Advocate Capital provides resources to firms and counsel that help level the field. AC is the result of highly committed professionals, that respond quickly, right when you need it.”

Anthony Liberatore, Owner & Attorney, A. Liberatore, P.C.


“The Process by which you qualify for funding is very simple, and the funding assistance is extremely helpful.”

Charles Alford, President, The Alford Law Group, PA


“In today’s practice of law, it is not possible to vigorously prosecute a case without proper case funding.   Inability to adequately fund a case can often lead to a case being settled prematurely or in some cases, dismissed because all aspects of the case were not fully researched and investigated. Advocate Capital assures that these things do not happen.

Unlike traditional funding institutions, Advocate Capital understands the funding needs of plaintiff law firms.  Advocate provides case funding along with the expense tracking system and professional staff.   All of which makes Advocate Capital the best at what they do.”

Ken Barnes, Owner, The Barnes Law Firm


“I’ve worked very hard to grow my personal injury practice.  The problem was, the more I increased my client base, the more money I was advancing on behalf of my clients.  This was money I often needed to borrow on my existing line of credit.  I was not only extending my clients thousands of dollars in interest-free loans, I was actually borrowing money to advance to my clients, and I was paying the finance charges.  For a long time I just assumed this was the cost of doing business.

Then I learned of Advocate Capital from a colleague.  It immediately became clear that I was unnecessarily tying up my working capital, and essentially throwing money away.  The application process was quick and painless, and my account rep walked me through every step.  Underwriting was quick to approve me and in no time all that money I had advanced to my clients was back in my bank account.  Advocate helped me explain this transition to my existing clients, and has stood at my side as we’ve started to utilize their system.

I have no doubt that this extra operating capital will immediately result in increased revenues.  My only regret is that I didn’t hear about Advocate Capital sooner.  I highly recommend this service for any attorney who routinely advances costs on behalf of clients.”

Matthew Dubin, Owner, Law Office of Matthew D. Dubin, PLLC


“The Stewart Law Firm is an Austin, Texas based firm dedicated to serving the needs of victims, families, and consumers in cases involving catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, and defective products.  From commercial truck crashes…to industrial accidents, one thing is for sure, it takes resources to compete and work your case up in order to take quality care of clients, allowing them to seek justice to the fullest extent of the law.  We are pleased to work with Advocate Capital.  Advocate Capital helps to level the playing field.  We don’t have to worry about how we are going to fund a case.  Advocate Capital frees up our firm’s cash reserves, and allows us to focus on what is truly important…taking care of our clients the best way that we can.”

Stephen Stewart, President, The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC.


“The professionalism of the staff and management of Advocate Capital, Inc. has made it easy for my firm to cut through the red tape to fund our cases in an efficient manner, resulting in our being able to resolve our cases quicker than before.”

Howard S. Richman, Partner, Grant Richman PLLC


“Advocate Capital has always been a true partner in the operation of our business. In 2012, I suffered a totally unexpected health issue. In February, I had a heart attack and 5 bypasses! Without the continued support of Advocate Capital and its staff, and some wonderful personal encouragement from Michael, my business would not have been able to survive much less rebound and gain the strength it has today going into 2013. Thank you Advocate Capital!”

Edward Sutherland, Owner, Law Offices of Edward P. Sutherland


“Advocate Capital is a true asset to our practice; they show a tremendous understanding of the legal business that banks and other financial institutions do not. As a long term Advocate Capital customer, we appreciate their excellent service and flexibility, from the great people to the online access to our account. On a personal level, during a time of personal crisis, they were incredibly supportive of my office. We highly recommend Advocate Capital to all of our peers.”

Keith Grumer, President, Grumer & Macaluso, P.A.


“Advocate Capital has exceeded our expectations, not just in terms of quick and reliable case funding, but overall customer service. In only a few months as a client, my firm has benefitted from improved cash flow and a much easier ability to track expenses to individual clients, as compared to other case financing methods. We look forward to a long relationship.”

Dan O’Leary, Owner, Law Offices of Daniel M. O’Leary


“Utilizing Advocate Capital has given us the leverage and freedom to fully litigate and work up our cases, without tying up and overburdening our working capital. The online interface makes funding cases a fast and simple task. I would highly recommend Advocate Capital’s services to any firm who works on cases on a contingency basis.”

Frank A. Magnanimo, Partner, Magnanimo & Dean, LLP


“Our firm takes pride in litigating difficult cases at the highest level. Our relationship with Advocate Capital has allowed us to go toe to toe with all opponents and achieve excellent results for our clients.”

Harvey D. Peyton, Senior Lawyer, Peyton Law Firm, PLLC


“Advocate Capital – The single best decision I’ve made in 30 years of practice.”

Steve Glickman, Vice President, Glickman & Glickman


“Advocate Capital is an important part of our business operation. My relationship with Advocate Capital was thrust upon me after my previous funding source went out of business. From the beginning, it was clear that Advocate Capital was a professional funding source committed to assisting trial lawyers in obtaining the best results for their clients. To be successful trial lawyer, you must have a long term committment to your practice and to your clients. Advocate Capital believes in long term success and supports this firm in our endeavors to reach our objectives.”

Thomas B. Calvert, A Professional Law Corporation

“Advocate Capital has been a great asset in our firm’s success. They are professional and easy to work with and they have become an integral part of our client injury team. Their assistance gives us much more strength and flexibility when representing our clients and helps us achieve greater results.”

Ron Netemeyer, Owner, Harper, Evans, Wade and Netemeyer


“The Law Firm of Jesus M. Dovalina is a two lawyer personal injury law firm in a small 50,000 population town of Del Rio, Texas. We handle all kinds of injury cases including vehicle accidents and products liability cases which occasionally include a wrongful death cause of action. These cases can get extremely expensive very fast. I recently was able to obtain a verdict for a young 24 year-old man who was struck by a bus and had to undergo two back surgeries. The cost of having to hire an accident reconstructionist, economist and vocational expert with the help of Advocate Capital made it possible for me to obtain a $1.2 million verdict. Advocate Capital understands our needs and delivers every time. I highly recommend their services.”

Jesus Dovalina, Owner, Law Offices of Jesus M. Dovalina, P.C.


“Being able to hire three top notch expert witnesses with our line of credit from Advocate Capital helped us to settle a negligence case for 1.5 million dollars. Without our line of credit from Advocate Capital, I don’t know where we would have gotten the $19,000 to hire the accident reconstructionist, economist and vocational expert necessary to prove plaintiff’s case. Advocate Capital is the best thing to happen to our practice in nearly 30 years. Insurance companies have an endless supply of money to defend cases. Now with Advocate’s help, the playing field has been leveled. The best part is that we’re able to pass the cost of financing cases onto the client.”

Bob Solomon, Owner, Robert A. Solomon, P.C.


“Maximizing a client’s recovery on cases is often a function of having the money needed for experts, investigators, medical illustrators, court reporters, videographers, and focus group research. Cash flow often interferes with most firms’ ability to freely fund their cases as quickly or fully as needed to maximize recoveries. Advocate solves that problem.”

Phillip Miller, Owner, Phillip Miller & Associates


“Being a part of the Advocate Capital family has been wonderful. Their staff is extremely easy to work with and they really take care of us – everything is done as promised. Through Advocate Capital, we are able to extend the best service and assistance to all of our clients and we are able to provide each case with the best experts and doctors, no matter what the cost may be.”

A.W. Smith, Owner, The A.W. Smith Law Firm, P.C.


“For the almost sixteen years, this firm has been around we have procured services of all types: banking, accounting, consulting and any number of other functions. Frankly, the service we have received largely has been problematic with one huge exception: Advocate Capital. They are great. Everything is always done right and on time. I hope that the service we provide to our clients comes close to the service we get from Advocate Capital.”

Brewster S. Rawls, Partner, Rawls, McNelis & Mitchell, P.C.


“We have been very pleased with our decision to work with the Advocate Capital team. Their products have allowed us greater flexibility in assisting our clients in obtaining full compensation for their harms and losses.”

Tim O’Keefe, Partner, Kenny, O’Keefe & Usseglio, P.C.


“Advocate Capital has been instrumental in the growth of our personal injury law practice. Instead of fronting tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars in one particular case, we are now able to use that money to fund other cases and not have to worry about retaining the proper (expensive) experts, and paying for a critical demonstrative or animation for a jury trial. I highly recommend Advocate Capital.”

Brad M. Simon, Partner, The Simon Law Group, LLP


“In the catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases that our firm handles, you have to spend money to make money. Litigation has become increasingly expensive, and we are often litigating against defendants whose resources dwarf ours. Success often requires hiring the best experts in the country, and they don’t come cheap.”

“The last thing we need to be worrying about during the midst of trial is how we’re going to afford to pay for the experts and other expenses that are necessary in these types of cases. That’s where Advocate Capital comes in. They provide us with the financial wherewithal to take on any defendant, in any type of case, in any forum. We could not do what we do without them.”

“On top of that, their staff is incredibly friendly, helpful and accommodating. Working with them has been a pleasure. Unlike banks with whom we have dealt in the past in order to finance our cases, the people at Advocate “get it.” They understand that we are not a typical business with typical cash flow, receivables, etc. and that we require financing that meets our unique needs. They also understand and appreciate the importance of what plaintiff’s lawyers around the country do to achieve justice for people and promote the safety of products, workplaces, etc. The people at Advocate have become a critical part of our litigation team.”

Roger Booth, Owner, The Law Offices of Booth & Koskoff


“We’ve been an Advocate Capital client since 2006 and have been thrilled with the positive impact they’ve had on our firm. We’re able to get even better results for our clients and have been able to grow our practice significantly,” commented Danny Daniel. Partner Jonathan Stark said, “We’ve referred numerous other law firms to Advocate and will continue to do so.”

Danny Daniel & Jonathan Stark, Partners, Daniel & Stark Injury Lawyers


“We’ve been with Advocate Capital for a little over one year. Miller & Ogorchock, S.C. is a two-lawyer personal injury law firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We handle all types of injury cases including all types of vehicle accidents, dental malpractice, insurance bad faith, premises liability and products liability. Financing cases with Advocate Capital is perfect for our law firm, giving us the financial flexibility to aggressively market our business in a very competitive environment. Advocate Capital’s customer service is outstanding– it’s a very user-friendly program.”

Patrick Miller, Partner, Miller & Ogorchock, S.C.


“We always want to get the best results for our clients. We never want to be sitting in a mediation thinking about our own financial issues. It is the client’s best interests that matter. Our firm has been happily dealing with Advocate for years. Our relationship with Advocate allows us to set aside stress and not worry about handling case costs, and keeps our focus on what really matters — presenting the client’s story the best that we can, even when there are substantial costs required to do so.”

Sam McGee, Member, Tin Fulton Walker & Owen


“Advocate Capital is great. Funds are provided quickly. The paperwork is minimal. The staff is friendly and competent. Thanks to Advocate, we have been able to increase our marketing budget and explode the growth of our firm.”

Michael Cowen, President, The Cowen Law Group


“Many thanks to Advocate Capital for always going above and beyond. We first sought advance funding from Advocate Capital 10 years ago, and our experience with them has been nothing short of wonderful since the beginning of our business relationship. Advocate Capital has exceeded expectations in every phase of our transactions, and the financing is always accomplished seamlessly and professionally.

They are in tune with the needs of our company and handle the sensitive matter of our firm´s confidential and financial information with the utmost respect. Advocate Capital is by far the most efficient and professional funding company that is out there. If you are looking for a company that truly cares about how your business needs are handled, you need look no further than Advocate Capital. ”

Deb Gracey, Litigation Manager, & Todd Trucks, President,  Jay Trucks & Associates, P.C.


“Advocate Capital has contributed to our firm’s growth and success by providing funding to finance our personal injury and class action cases. The funding request process is simple and we enjoy the ease of the client site to manage our case balances. We are confident that every encounter with Advocate Capital will be handled with the upmost professionalism and expedited service.”

Majed Nachawati, Partner, Fears & Nachawati Law Firm


“In 1996, we filed a class action lawsuit against the State of Utah (Houghton v. Dept. of Health). It has been described by many as Utah’s Bleak House, a reference to Charles Dickens novel about a long, protracted legal battle. We carried the costs of this for many years on our own. In 2005, we heard about Advocate Capital and were able to fund the costs for this case allowing us to use our own resources to do what we do best: providing justice for those unable to fight these battles by themselves. Even though the Houghton case is winding up, Advocate Capital is there for us whenever we need their help. It has truly been a lifesaver.”

Rebecca Sykes, Office Manager, Robert B. Sykes & Associates, P.C.


“Advocate Capital has helped us achieve the highest possible recovery for our clients. They have helped alleviate the financial pressures of the case so that we can focus on the litigation and on obtaining the highest possible settlement or verdict. Advocate Capital has made the funding request simple, flexible and always responds quickly to our needs.”

Rob Cartwright, Owner, The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc.


“Advocate Capital has provided my law firm the required capital to stand up and fight for justice everyday!”

Albert G. Stoll, Jr., President, Albert G. Stoll, Jr., A Law Corporation


“Advocate Capital has enabled me to grow my practice by providing me with the necessary funding to finance the prosecution of my clients’ personal injury cases. I find their staff helpful, professional and efficient, all of which helps me closely monitor my clients cases.”

Stuart Carpey, Owner, Carpey Law, P.C.


“As a customer of Advocate Capital, Inc., my partners and I have the peace of mind of knowing that we have an experienced financial partner that is dedicated to helping us serve our clients. We consider them to be a key part of our success formula.”

J. Gary Gwilliam, President, Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli, & Brewer, P.C.


“Advocate Capital has been a vital partner to our firm and we appreciate the level of service they provide. Our experience with Advocate Capital is always positive as they have our firm’s best interest in mind and understand the nature of our firm’s business cycle. This knowledge and understanding is what sets them apart from their competition, in addition, to the excellent management of Advocate Capital internally. The strength of the company makes Advocate Capital an excellent partner to achieve long-term business goals and has allowed us to grow a business relationship we hope to continue for many more years to come.

In the difficult business climate we find ourselves in, it is a relief to know there is a company that one can turn to assist in funding the endeavors of my firm. A majority of lending institutions are reducing access to vital business capital, with the exception of Advocate Capital. They extended our credit line to allow us to have our best year on record. Thank you for your continued support. ”

Christian Scranton, President, Scranton Law Firm


“I have had nothing but good experiences with Advocate Capital. The application process and renewal process is a quick and easy process. It is very simple to obtain additional cash flow or place client expenses on the line of credit. The direct deposition of any advances saves me a great deal of time from having to go to the bank to deposit the check. The customer service is excellent. I can always get someone who is familiar with our firm, and even if my regular representative is not available, I can always find someone willing to help. Thanks for everything you do to make my life easier Advocate Capital.”

Ken Shigley, Owner, Shigley Law


“Ok, you’re a plaintiff’s lawyer and you know you have to obtain clients and, once obtained, you have to prosecute the client’s claims. Part of this relies on your hard work and experience. Part of it relies on your wallet because you have to pay for the costs of your efforts in prosecuting the case. You’re taking all of the risk and regular banks have no clue what a contingent liability is. You want to charge interest on the costs to the client but you do not have the infrastructure or personnel to do it because it is too costly and the banks won’t do it. So what do you do, just pay the cost and eat the time that your money is in the case? No, you use Advocate Capital who understands contingency work and understands trial lawyers, especially plaintiff’s trial lawyers. You will find that they are actually enjoyable to work with. You now sleep at night knowing your ability to fund your cases has been handled. Get on with being a lawyer and not a banker!”

Lance Sears, Partner, Sears and Associates, P.C.


“Advocate Capital has been instrumental in the success of our firm.  Their firm has been very professional and helpful to our law practice.  They are experienced and knowledgeable concerning plaintiff attorney needs.”

Reed Morgan, President, S. Reed Morgan, P.C.


“We have been with Advocate for about ten years.  We have a line of credit and expense financing.  Advocate has always been cooperative and accommodating to our needs.  This has allowed us to do a better job on our cases by hiring the right experts and going the distance on our cases.  It also has resulted in greater gross revenues for the firm.  I recommend Advocate to any personal injury firm.”

Rocky Walton, President, Law Firm of Roger “Rocky” Walton, P.C.


“I have relied on Advocate Capital for the past six years.  As a sole practitioner specializing in medical malpractice, costs can be burdensome.  Advocate Capital has enabled me to be competitive with multi-attorney firms and yet still give each case my personal attention.  Their staff is prompt and professional in every way.”

Kip Sinclair, President, Sinclair Law Offices


“Advocate Capital is a true partner in our firm’s quest to provide justice to our clients.  With Advocate as our partner, we can afford even the most costly battles.  We’re happy to have Advocate in our foxhole.”

Angel Reyes, Managing Partner, Reyes Bartolomei Browne

“Our firm has been working with Advocate Capital for over a year. We are extremely pleased with how they have been able to help our firm. Advocate Capital has been very easy to work with and very professional. We consider this a long term relationship.”

Peter M. Steinberg, Owner,  Steinberg Injury Lawyers


“We have been using Advocate Capital’s services for several years. Advocate Capital has helped us fund client case cost and working capital when needed. They have been very professional and great to work with. They make the process very easy and have always been willing to help meet the needs of our firm. We can heartily recommend Advocate Capital to anyone in need of financing their client costs.”

Ned Siegfried, Partner, Siegfried & Jensen


Case Expense Financing at a Net Cost of Less Than 1%*

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