The Advocate Flexline®


This Best of Both Worlds® law firm funding solution is a combination of:


  1. Case Expense Financing: The world’s best Case Expense Funding product (powered by AdvoTrac® and the amazing Advocate Capital, Inc. service team), through which our clients experience a net borrowing cost of less than 1% per year*.and
  2. Working Capital: Up to one third of the Case Expense line available as Working Capital priced at Prime +1% with a 1% annual fee.**


To see if your firm qualifies, call today toll-free 1.877.894.9724 or contact us via web mail.  You may also save time by completing our initial screening application by clicking here.


* In most jurisdictions, a law firm can reduce its annual costs by passing borrowing costs through to its cases, but the compliance requirements can be too expensive to implement. Only Advocate Capital, Inc. has a proprietary expense tracking system and service team that allows firms to easily comply with allocation and reporting requirements. So, for example, if a firm recovers at least 90% of its borrowing costs from its cases, as most of our clients do, its annual cost of funds is very small – even less than 1%. Contact us to discuss how our program can work for your firm.  (All loans are subject to credit approval, and terms and conditions may vary.)

** The 1% annual fee is charged on the amount of Working Capital approval.  Qualifying firms agree that their Working Capital balance will not exceed the Case Expense balance of the loan.

Case Expense Financing at a Net Cost of Less Than 1%*

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